1952 Birthday Notebook

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This 60 page ruled notebook will make a great practical alternative to a birthday card, as it can be used and appreciated long after the birthday is over!

Agatha Christie On Screen

Author: Mark Aldridge
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137372923
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At 8 p.m. on 30 May 1947, the BBC Light Programme broadcast Christie's new
radio play Three Blind Mice, which she had specially written as part of the BBC's
celebrations of Queen Mary's 80th birthday. ... 37 Madden would have preferred
an adaptation of Christie's 1939 thriller And Then There Were None, but the 1945
film of this story meant that the rights were unavailable at the time.38 It was felt
that Three Blind Mice would be an acceptable substitute, with some adaptation
for ...

Directory Of Special Libraries And Information Centers

Author: Matthew Miskelly
Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9780810371347
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Subjects: Cartographic materials; maps - Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Great Lakes,
United States, world. ... Special Indexes: Index to posters (online); Index to Old-
Time Radio Shows (loose-leaf notebook); index to popular sheet music collection
(online). ... 2500 linear feet of scripts and manuscripts; 5000 vintage fiction
paperbacks; movie, World War I, and World War II posters; Big Little Books;
trading cards; sales catalogs; alternative press publications; 50,000 postcards;
greeting cards.


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With second year books like Hematology and Physical Diagnosis stacked on top
of freshman stand-bys like Gray's Anatomy and Human Embryology, the
sophomore's pile of volumes has almost doubled in height (above). ... "Dilated to
meet you" is Gold- rath's favorite greeting these days. .... During their two-year
internship they alternate for six months' intervals between their hospital and the
university, checking theory against practice and rechecking their practice against
new ideas.

Black Enterprise

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25, the $110 million urban entertainment empire is run by rapper/entrepreneur
Percy Miller, better known as Master P. Christening himself "the ghetto Bill Gates,
" he has tipped his hat to old guard be 100s pioneers like Motown by building his
enterprise from scratch. But his ...... Uackimages.com; 800-272-5027) Initially, you
'll be drawn in by the aroma of the incense, but some of the store's other sidelines
(greeting cards, Greek paraphernalia and candles) may also catch your attention.

Los Angeles Magazine

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Some people are born salespeople. Some are real, real good. And some are just
fairly good. The most important thing I tell my salesmen is you have to listen to
people. So many people talk so damn much that they don't listen. My business
about tripled after I came up with those "My Dog Spot" commercials in the .... For
my ninth birthday Associated Press's my father gave me a tvpe- Linda Deutsch
has writer. .... To apply, log on to americanexpress.com/green or call 1-800-THE-

Psa Journal

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I think that when a lot of people say they want to improve their work they don't
really mean it, they think their work is plenty good enough as it is and they don't
have to take nothin' from nobody. Why they should waste time in the ... Ill bet the
folks who do a real job of commenting on the prints and write interesting things in
the notebook are busy people, too, but it has been my experience that the really
busy people are the ones who do the best job. The people who brag about being
busy ...