Author: John Thornton Caldwell
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Photographic critics have stated that this show "was probably the most publicized
and widely seen photographic exhibition of all time." Barbara ... "Better Living
Through TAT November 12, 1955 (CBS, 1952-1957), PVA-6035t. 16. Herbert
Gans, Popular Culture and High Culture: An Analysis and Evaluation of Taste (
New York: Basic Books. 1974). 1 7. See Lipsitz on debt. Time Passages, 48-68.
18. The Burns and Allen Show, "Oracle Wins a TV Set," February 8, 1954(CBS,
1950- 1958) ...

The Improvisation Studies Reader

Author: Ajay Heble
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136187146
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22 Archie Shepp, foreword to John Clellon Holmes, The Horn ([1958] New York:
Thunder's Mouth Press, 1987), iii. 23 Davis, Miles, 89. 24 Quoted in Gitler, Swing
to Bop, 302. 25 Templar, Reply to Anatole Broyard, ... (George Lipsitz, “Dialogic
Aspects of Rock and Roll,” Time Passages: Collective Memory and American
Popular Culture [Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1990], 111.) It
seems necessary to add to Lipsitz's analysis that African American culture has
preserved ...

Mystic Chords Of Memory

Author: Michael Kammen
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307761401
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See George Lipsitz, Time Passages: Collective Memory and American Popular
Culture (Minneapolis, 1990), esp. 70, 89; Fred Davis, Yearningfor Yesterday: ... 4.
Chorley speech at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont, May 20, 1957, Chorley
scrapbooks, RAC; Mrs. J. F. Bennett to JDR, July 2, 1958, JDR Papers, ser. ll (
cultural), box 177, RAC; V. T. H. Bicn to JDR, Aug. 7, 1958, ibid. 5. Mrs. James de
Fremery to JDR, May 28, 1951,1DR Papers, ser. [1 (cultural), box 176; Mrs.
Robert John ...

Paint By Number

Author: William L. Bird
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 9781568982823
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Mass Leisure. New York: The Free Press 1958, pp. 268-274. Larrabee, Enc and
Rolf Meyersohn, eds. Mass Leisure. New York: The Free Press 1958. ... Chicago:
University of Chicago Press, 1958. . A Troubled Feast: Amencan Society Since
1945. Boston, MA: Little, Brown and Co., 1983. Levine, Lawrence ... and Culture
in Cold War Amenca: "A Rainbow at Midnight." South Hadley, MA: J. F. Bergin
Publishers, 1981. . Time Passages: Collective Memory and Amencan Popular

Rhythms Of Race

Author: Christina D. Abreu
Publisher: UNC Press Books
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artistic conference on the life of Cuban patriot Marta Abreu at its clubhouse; a
1956 evening gathering with Dr. Emilio Nuñez Portuondo, Cuban ambassador to
the United States; and a 1958 event that featured Francisco Jorge Cardona,
director of La Prensa. “En el Ateneo Cubano,” La Prensa, 15 May 1948, 3; “
Actividades de ... Time Passages; Rivero, Tuning Out Blackness; Cook, “The
Return of the Culture Industry.” 20. “Velada del Club Cubano Interamericano del
Bronx,” La Prensa ...

Famous Writers Course

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Otto Nathan, Esq., trustee for the estate of Albert Einstein: passages from "
Science and Life," subtitle "Ten Fateful Years," from Out of My Later Years by
Albert Einstein, © 1 950. New York Times: passages from news item, London
dateline, December 8, 1958; column by Charles Poore, London dateline, June 14
, 1958; "The Art of Letter Writing by an Expert" by Robert Moses from New York
Times Magazine, March 2, 1958. Newsweek, Inc.: passage from "Uncaged,"
Newsweek, February ...

The Descendants Of Patrick Harvey And Jane Burns

Author: Bruce Gilchrist
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They had a new home in Miami about 1958. (Time Passages, wife's obituary, and
letter from RJL Jan. 20, 1999) He married Melissa Marion WALKER 3 Feb 1939
in Winchester, VA. She was born 18 Jun 1921 in Brackenridge, Allegheny County
, PA. She was the daughter of David WALKER and Levina WOLFE. Melissa died
14 Mar 1986 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and was buried 17 Mar 1986 at Dade
Memorial Park, Miami, Dade County, FL. She died at age 64 of Davies, FL, in a
hospital ...

This Is Our Music

Author: Iain Anderson
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
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''Jazz Makes It Up the River,'' declared a New York Times Magazine headline of
August 24, 1958. ''The long voyage from New Orleans ... The difficulty lay not only
in their ambivalent engagement with the legacy of western art music, although
bebop's belated exploration of chromatic harmony and unsettling rhythmic
momentum (signaled by explosive bass drum bombs and double-time passages)
underlined the distance between the traditions. More seriously, the music
industry's ...

The Bank Of England And Public Policy 1941 1958

Author: John Fforde
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521391399
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Cobbold added some forceful passages of his own at the beginning and end of
this new draft and sent the combined version to Whitehall in a letter to Bridges: I
am writing to ask that you will bring to the attention of His Majesty's Government,
when a new Administration has been formed, the views of the Bank of England
on certain aspects of the present financial situation. Much of what I set out below
does no more than repeat advice which has been tendered by the Bank from time
to ...

I Ve Heard Those Songs Before

Author: Elston Brooks
Publisher: William Morrow & Co
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... (9-2), 1965 Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree, (15-3), 1973 Tie Me
Kangaroo Down, Sport, (13), 1963 Till, (7), 1957 Till I Waltz Again With You, (18-4
), 1953 Till Reveille, (15), 1941 Till the End of Time, (20-7), 1945 Till There Was
You, (8), 1958 Time After Time, (9), 1947 Time For Love, A, (4), 1966 Time For Us
, A, (21-6), 1969 Time in a Bottle, (1 1-2), 1973-74 Time On My Hands, (18-4),
1930 Time Passages, (18-10), 1978-79 Times of Your Life, (10), 1975-76 Time,
Time, ...