50 Things To See With A Small Telescope

Author: John Read
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ISBN: 9781530172276
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I am very excited to share my knowledge of astronomy and I am sure you will enjoy this book for years to come. By working through the 50 items in this book you will achieve a well-rounded understanding of amateur astronomy.

50 Targets For The Mid Sized Telescope

Author: John Read
ISBN: 9780692858417
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50 Targets for the Mid-Sized Telescope introduces the beginner stargazer to an assortment of astronomical wonders. With easy to follow star maps, unique for each target, the budding astronomer will explore the universe like never before.

Eine Kurze Geschichte Von Fast Allem

Author: Bill Bryson
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641079241
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In seinem großen Buch nimmt uns Bestsellerautor Bill Bryson mit auf eine atemberaubende Reise durch Raum und Zeit: Er erklärt uns den Himmel und die Erde, die Sterne und die Meere, und nicht zuletzt die Entstehungsgeschichte des Menschen. ...

The Mk Process At 50 Years

Author: Christopher J. Corbally
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the pacific
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So I think small telescopes are tremendous, the complementary thing (that word
again) to large telescopes, to radio, to the other wavelength regions and to space
astronomy. We need them. Furthermore, anybody who's ever looked at astro-
economics, which is an interesting subject, full of lots of handwaving, can easily
see that small telescopes are the only places where most people are going to get
observing time. Predict, for example, how many graduate students are going to
be ...

Observatories And Telescopes Of Modern Times

ISBN: 0521899931
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Although, Caltech were prepared to go ahead on their own with a segmented
mirror design, eventually they agreed to form a joint enterprise with the University
of California to manage the project. Caltech would pay most of the construction
costs, and so own the telescope, whilst the University of California would pay for
its running costs over a period of 25 years. This became the 10 m segmented
mirror Keck telescope (see Section 4.2). 50 Things now got complicated as the
NNTT was ...

New Scientist

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Electronics Set 1, Salters, £17; Electronics Set 2, Salters, £31; Junior Electronics,
Salters, £10-99; Junior Electrics, Salters, £5-50; Electronics Kit, World of
Discovery Humbrol, £39-95; 60. ... The first thing to do is to find our way around
the sky, so let's begin with the Home Planetarium from Humbrol. ... The home
planetarium doesn't project the stars in all directions: the entire sky is crammed
into a region only a couple of metres across, so the constellations look
unrealistically small.

Astronomy With A Budget Telescope

Author: Patrick Moore
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461421608
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These have many of the advantages of a small telescope and they can be
relatively inexpensive. And if you decide astronomy is not for you, you can always
use them for other things. Binoculars are classified according to the diameters of
the objective lenses – that's the big lenses at the front, which govern the light-
gathering power. Objective lens diameters are always given in millimeters. Thus “
50” means a magnification of 7, with each objective 50 mm (1.97 inches) in