A Pronouncing Explanatory And Synonymous Dictionary Of The English Language

Author: Joseph Emerson Worcester
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THE " Comprehensive, Pronouncing, and Explanatory Dictionary," by the author
of the present work, was first published in 1830. The dictionary which was at that
time in most extensive use in schools in this country, was a small abridgment of
Walker's Dictionary ; but it was too defective in various respects to supply the
wants of common schools, and it was altogether insufficient as a manual for the
use of the higher schools ; and the Comprehensive Dictionary was prepared with
a view ...

Orthoepy Simplified Being A New And Comprehensive Explanatory Pronouncing Dictionary Of The English Language Etc

Author: Christopher EARNSHAW
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INTRODUCTION. which are rather puzzling than perspicuous :—the method here
used re n' ders the pronunciation obvious almost at a glance. The customary
sounds of the letters being known, notation is, ;n most monosyllables, quite
unnecessary; as, “ sad, fate; men, mete'. “ thin, wine; long ... and he trusts it will be
found' easy and correct. Such words as are not to be found in the Dictionary will
robablY be found in the Addenda. , P ' A general Guide to the Orthoepy. f Those
vowels and.

The Encyclop Dic Dictionary

Author: Robert Hunter
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English Dictionary. 1855. Wkiohx, Thomas . . . Universal Pronouncing Dictionary
and General Expositor of the English 1 Language. 1855. Foley, Daniel ... An
English-Irish Dictionary, intended for the use of Students of the Irish Language.
1855. Clarke, Dr. Hvde . . A New and Comprehensive Dictionary of the English ...
1829. Turner, William W. . The School Dictionary. 1S20. Worcester, Joseph E. . A
Comprehensive Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary of the English

The American Monthly Review

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Art. I. — A Comprehensive Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary of the
English Language, with Pronouncing Vocabularies of Classical and Scripture
Proper Names. By J. E. Worcester. Boston. Hilliard, Gray, Little, 8c Wilkins. 1830.
12mo. pp. 420. Thirty years ago it would have been thought by most Englishmen,
great presumption, for an inhabitant of these United States to offer for general use
a Dictionary of the English Language. They would have expected to find in it all
sorts of ...