A Gift For Guile

Author: Alissa Johnson
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Losing none of her witty dialogue or clever plotting, she pulls readers this way and that as the story swiftly turns from suspense to romance and back again."-RT Book Reviews on A Talent for Trickery

The Thief Takers

Author: Sheldon S. Steinberg
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
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It didn't take the guild very long to become aware of Piet and his cutting into the
profitable imports that until now they controlled. Piet's father was a member of the
diamond guild but Piet wasn't. A discreet word was passed to his father about his
son's practices—they had to cease or Mondscheen Sr. could lose his guild
membership. The confrontation led to a separation of father and son. Piet did not
want to jeopardize his father's standing in the guild but he also did not want to
give up ...

Cant A Gentleman S Guide

Author: Stephen Hart
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Digression: Thief-takers and Bow Street Runners The first patrols of the London
Metropolitan Police Force were not on the streets until 29th September 1829. In
the early Georgian period, such policing as there was was done by private
individuals known as 'Thieftakers' who would track down miscreants for a fee.
Thief-taking could be highly remunerative - the reward for a capital crime was £
40, which was a large amount of money. It was not unknown for thief-takers to
overlook minor ...

The Citisights Guide To London

Author: Kevin Flude
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The theatre was enlarged to its present size in 1775, which caused the
demolition of the by now infamous Rose next door, but in 1809 it burned down for
the second time. The manager was the ... Sheridan was ruined by the fire, but the
theatre was rebuilt, and the present building saw its first performance in October
1812. ... He established a group of reliable thief-takers who came to be known as
the Bow Street Runners, and who were the inspiration for a London-wide police

Thief Taker General

Author: Gerald Howson
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412839884
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... and Crime in the City of London by Donald Rumbelow (Macmillan 1970). VI
The Marshal 1 Guildhall Records Office : Journal of Common Council 5 7, folio
207b (20 Feb 1730). Acknowledgements to Donald Rumbelow for this reference.
2 Guild. Rec. Off. MSS 108 5. Sheet 8. 3 Ibid. Sheet 2. VII The Protection Racket 1
Quoted in Anecdotes of London in the Eighteenth Century by J. P. Malcom(182o).
2 Guild. Rec. Off. Repertories of the Court of Aldermen,. 294 Thief-Taker General.

The Thief Taker

Author: T.F. Banks
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 9780307491831
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Praise For The Thief-Taker by T. F. Banks “This first entry in a new series is tightly
knit and capably written. And Henry Morton—nimble of wit, ready of fist— makes
an amiable guide through fog-bound Regency London.”—Kirkus Reviews “The
Thief-Taker marks the thrilling debut of Regency London police detective Morton.
History mysteries don't get any better than this.”—Albemarle Review “Wonderful ..
. the narration in the book is confident, the suspense and climax are satisfying .

The Thief Taker

Author: Janet Gleeson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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GNES'S COOKERY and the duties of other members of the house are based
upon household guides such as The British Housewife: or the Cook,
Housekeeper's and Gardiner's Companion, by Martha Bradley, 1756; The
English Housekeeper, by A. Cobbett, 1842; The Servant's Practical Guide: A
Handbook of Duties and Rules, Frederick Warne, publisher, 1880; and The
Experienced English Housekeeper, by Elizabeth Raffald, 1997. Other helpful
books included What the Butler Saw: ...

Study Guide

Author: Larry Siegel
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Court bailiffs most passionately detested thief taker. a. Use of violence notorious
b. Jack Wild most notorious thief taker 3. Henry Fielding: Sought to clean up thief-
taking system Appointed city magistrate in 1748 Operated own group of monied
police Bow street runners in London i. Agents carefully instructed on their
legitimate powers and duties. ii. Marked improvement over earlier police models
4. Still not adequate, by the nineteenth century state police officers were needed.

The British Television Pilot Episodes Research Guide 1936 2015

Author: Christopher Perry
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With Reg Lye (Norman), Johnny Briggs (Spiggy), John J. Carney (Rainbow),
Winnie Holman. THIEF TAKERS A Central production for Carlton UK.
Transmission details are for the Central region. Duration: 50 minutes. The elite
Armed Robbery Squad - known to their colleagues as the best "thief takers" in
London. Main regular credit(s): Created by Roy Mitchell; theme music by Hal
Lindes. Credits: Associate producer Ron Purdie; executive producer Ted Childs;
produced by Gina Cronk.

A Guide To Ripon And Fountains Abbey Abridged From Mr Walbran S Guide

Author: John Richard WALBRAN
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... and William Unahait, and Richard the Thief-taker, and Hugh son of Baltic, and
Robert of Herleshow, and Wailid of Studlcy, and Richard his brother, and liulchil
the Baiiifi. The history of the Abbey is minutely related in the “ Monasticon,” from
the narrative of Hugh, a monk of Kirkstall; written between the years 1225 and
1247, at the request of John, Abbot of Fountains, from the dictation of the
venerable monk, Serlo, who was present at the departure of the brotherhood from
St. Mary's, ...