A Long Day At The End Of The World

Author: Brent Hendricks
Publisher: FSG Originals
ISBN: 0374708851
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In A Long Day at the End of the World, he reveals his very complicated relationship with the South as he tries to reconcile his love-hate feelings for the culture with his own personal and familial history there, and his fascination with ...


Author: Lauren M. E. Goodlad
Publisher: Duke University Press Books
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In another example, the pseudonymous poet "ephemerae" reworks the famous
Australian bush song "Nine Miles from Gundagai," each verse ending with the
refrain, "And the goths sat on theTown Hall steps / 'Neath cloudy Sydney skies. ...
Cave whose first novel, And the Ass Saw the Angel (1989), is a Faulkneresque
work set in the American deep South, laboring under the heavy influence of the
book of Revelation in its presentation of a story about aberrance and persecution.

The Churchman

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The venerable creeds, the deep philosophies were empty and artificial, and
untrue to human nature, to its wants, its need, its cry, its foundation convictions.
Upon that basis, with absolute certainty, ... There are obstacles to Christianity,
and have been from the day of Christ's Ascension, when He issued His parting
command: “G0 ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature"—“
Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." Obstacles are presented
by dinerent ...

Public Opinion

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Leaf-fall and autumn tell of how, as leaves drop from life's tree, a solemn growing
goes on otherwhere; and summer, the deep, bright, glorious summer, tells of that
otherwhere—that place or state about ... Supplementing revelation with the
collateral evidence of Nature, he surmises that as planetary life, with its
alternations of day and night, activity and repose, is necessary for the present
imperfect corporeity, so, for the perfected spiritual organisation, solar life, with its
unending day, ...

The Gospel Treasury And Expository Harmony Of The Four Evangelists

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The prophecies concerning the LAND or IsraFL have been so exactly
accomplished, that they may be used as history. The traveller, however careless
of divine revelation, and even the scorner, abundantly testifies to the present
desolation of the land: the once strong forts and towers are become dens—
defenced cities are destroyed, uninhabited, and laid waste. The once productive
and well-watered plains are become barren, and the herbs of every field wither.
The for as it had been ...

The Treasury Harmony Of The Four Evangelists According To Grewell S Harmonia Evangelica Having Scripture Illustr Notes Etc Compiled By R Mimpriss

Author: Robert Mimpriss
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These mountains separated the possession! of the children of Israel from the land
of Edom, or Idumea, as the Greeks called it: but when the Jews were carried
captive to Babylon, the southern part of their country, being left destitute, was
seised by the Idumteaus, who became so strong as to be able to maintain
possession of it long after the Jews returned from their bondage. They were
conquered at last by the Maccabees, hut, baring embraced Judaism, they were
incorporated with the ...

Contract Record And Engineering Review

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Another element of surprise had been the vast strength of the German war
machine; and still another, the revelation of a wide-spread and deep-seated
hatred of England, revealed for example in Lissauer's infamous “Chant of Hate.”
The atrocities committed by the ... The part played by the smaller nations had
been an important one in the world's history: little Palestine had given us our
religion; little Greece had given us our ideals in art and literature. As for Belgium,
generations yet ...

The Building News And Engineering Journal

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Dr. Watson was much interested in pre-Noachian chemistry, and he assures us
this, as 1656 years must have elapsed between the Creation of the world and the
Deluge, a whole range of economic arts must have attained to a considerable
degree of ... The latter are sound as they were in the long-ago days, when \
Villiam the Conqueror—that mixture of the elements of war and of active religion
—rode out here from Caen, .four miles away, and pronounced the completed
church good.


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Mecca, n those days, was a major rommercia! centre of the <\rab world.
Consequently, it vas not only an important iocial and religious centre but in
international meeting place is well. Ka'aba being the -ntre cf power, whoever l,:. '.
rolled it became powerful r. ilie Arab world. Hence it ilso became the focal point
or the power struggle among Muslim monarchs. Arab history stands testi- nony to
the fact that it is ilways the Muslims who have aken the leading part in lesecrating
the Ka'aba.