A More Beautiful Question

Author: Glenn Hughes
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 0826219179
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The book considers the meeting points of art, poetry, religion, and philosophy, in part through examining the treatments of consciousness, transcendence, and art in the writings of twentieth-century philosophers Eric Voegelin and Bernard ...

Politics Of The Person As The Politics Of Being

Author: David Walsh
Publisher: University of Notre Dame Pess
ISBN: 0268096759
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See also his Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and the Sublime and
Other Writings, trans. Patrick Frierson and Paul Guyer (Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2011). 5. G.W.F. Hegel, Philosophy of Mind, trans. A.V. Miller (
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1971); Aesthetics: Lectures on Fine Art, 2 vols.,
trans. T.M. Knox (Oxford: ... in Glenn Hughes, A More Beautiful Question: The
Spiritual in Poetry and Art (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2011). 10.
This thought ...

Spirituality Across Disciplines Research And Practice

Author: Marian de Souza
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319313800
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New York: The New Press. Hasebe-Ludt, E., Chambers, C., & Leggo, C. (2009).
Life writing and literary métissage as an ethos for our times. New York: Peter
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spirituality in poetry and art. Columbia: University of Missouri Press. Irwin, R. L. (
2004). A/r/tography: A metonymic métissage. In R. L. Irwin & A. Cosson (Eds.), A/r
/tography: Rendering ...

Concepts Of Nature

Author: R. J. Snell
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1498527558
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See Glenn C. Hughes, A More Beautiful Question: The Spiritual in Poetry and Art
(Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2011) for both an acknowledgment of
alternative religious symbolisms and an attempt to clarify the spiritual functions of
art and poetry vis-à-vis contemporary confusion about transcendent reality.
Hughes explores the work of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, and T. S.
Eliot. 96. Taylor, A Secular Age, 302. 97. Ibid., 557. 98. Ibid., 558. 99. Ormerod, “
Charles ...

Introducing Religion

Author: Robert Ellwood
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315507196
Size: 39.64 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Constructing Spirituality. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2004.
GUNN, GILES, The Interpretation of Otherness: Literature, Religion and the
American Imagination. New York: Oxford University Press, 1979. HUGHES,
GLENN, A More Beautiful Question: The Spiritual in Poetry and Art. Columbia,
MO: University of Missouri Press, 2011. HUNGERFORD, AMY, Postmodern Belief
: American Literature and Religion since1960. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University
Press, 2010.

The Eclipse And Recovery Of Beauty

Author: John D. Dadosky
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442647116
Size: 19.60 MB
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The Art of the Icon: A Theology of Beauty. Trans. Steven Bigham. Redondo
Beach, CA: Oakwood, 1990. ... 2 (1996): 224–41. Freeman, Cynthia. But Is It Art?
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001. Gadamer, Hans George. Philosophical
Hermeneutics. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008. –. The Relevance
of the Beautiful. London: Cambridge University Press, 1986. –. Truth and Method.
Rev. ... Hughes, Glenn. A More Beautiful Question: The Spiritual in Poetry 242

Victorian Poetry

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38-61) of Glenn Hughes' A More Beautiful Question: The Spiritual in Poetry and
Art (Columbia: Univ. of Missouri Press), develops out of the book's main
argument, that “art may help us to recognize and sustain a balanced spiritual
orientation in present cultural circumstances" (p. 3). Using the philosophies of
Eric Voegelin and Bernard Lonergan, Hughes sees in Hopkins' poetry an
illustration of Lonergan's claim that the meaning of a thing and its embodiment
are one and the same; that ...

Interart Poetics

Author: Ulla Britta Lagerroth
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042002104
Size: 16.39 MB
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So, by implication, the reader of Cummings must view each poem as a mystery to
be actively deciphered and lived and not passively "consumed" or possessed as
"knowledge". Cummings called his poetry "a remembrance of miracles;" for those
miracles to be reborn would take active participation by a reader who "can never
be born enough" and who "Always ... asks a more beautiful question".19 "Art is a
mystery"20 and poetry is "a remembrance of miracles", Cummings says, but he ...

The Art Of Spiritual Midwifery

Author: Stephen Faller
Publisher: The Lutterworth Press
ISBN: 0718894154
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These are the questions of the poet, the stuff of poems. “There is so much more to
say about the language of poetry and how I believe it mirrors much of what you
are saying about the metaphor of the midwife in the journey to birth/rebirth and
transformation. But to some poems! “Poetry/midwifery offers material ... “Speaking
of Alice Walker, the title of one of her volumes of poetry is Horses Make a
Landscape Look More Beautiful. The title and the book's epigraph comes from a
Native ...

New Directions In Elementary English

Author: National Council of Teachers of English
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12 A Poet's Art of Grammar Priscilla Tyler lways the beautiful answer who asks a
more beautiful question." S^t So e. e. cummings in his elliptical grammar
expressed his ... In this poem, the poet-narrator, poised like an astronaut-aloft,
looks down on the cyclic phases of the weather, the seasons, the daily spiritual
round of man to discover what happens to those who ask that more beautiful
question — and to those who do not. In an exalted mystical frame of reference,
the pilgrimages of ...