A More Beautiful Question

Author: Glenn Hughes
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 0826219179
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The book considers the meeting points of art, poetry, religion, and philosophy, in part through examining the treatments of consciousness, transcendence, and art in the writings of twentieth-century philosophers Eric Voegelin and Bernard ...

New Directions In Elementary English

Author: National Council of Teachers of English
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papers collected from the 1966 spring institutes on the elementary language arts
of the National Council of Teachers of English National Council of Teachers of
English Alexander Frazier. 12 A Poet's Art of Grammar ... In this poem, the poet-
narrator, poised like an astronaut-aloft, looks down on the cyclic phases of the
weather, the seasons, the daily spiritual round of man to discover what happens
to those who ask that more beautiful question — and to those who do not. In an
exalted ...

The Eric Voegelin Reader

Author: Charles R. Embry
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 0826273904
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The essays in this final section present the culmination of his philosophical meditation on history, consciousness, and reality.

The Saturday Review Of Politics Literature Science And Art

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Once more, the critic may be affected by really excellent poetry, and yet give a
very bad reason for a just judgment. The ultimate argument about all poetry is
that it is good or bad because it appeals forcibly to the critic's emotions ; that is,
because he feels it to be good or bad. Now he may be quite conscious of the
power which it exercises, and yet be unable to assign any good grounds for it.
Indeed we may say thnt the inos* beautiful works of art are those which have
been produced ...

The Literary Review

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Only the artist in yourselves is more truthful than the night. ("Is Something Wrong"
) [The artist] outwardly and inwardly affirms that, whereas a world rises to fall, a
spirit descends to ascend. (;: Six Nonlectures) Art is the creation of the artist — "
always the more beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question" — after he
has successfully developed his individuality. It is now important to explore the
nature of this art that is so much a part of its creator. Cummings has attempted to
define ...

Dwight S Journal Of Music

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For it begins where speech leaves off ; through it the inmost spirit — all that is
inexpressible and yet of most account in us — can give sign of itself. Hence the ...
You heard Aim ; his tones, his spirit, took possession of your spirit, till, losing
thought of self, it went up with the rest. Of that sort is ... _ A more beautiful, poetic,
chivalrous, appreciative tribute to the genius and the country of a brother artist
than Liszt's noble monograph on Chopin were hard to find in any literature. Even
the gay ...

The Relevance Of The Beautiful And Other Essays

Author: Hans-Georg Gadamer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521339537
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And this tension becomes all the greater when interpretation is attempted in the
name and spirit of science. The creative artist ... This suggests that poetic
composition has a more intimate connection with the practice of interpretation
than the other arts do. Even where we claim ... In discussing the question in this
way, I do not wish to become involved in a dispute between the academic study
of literature and the practice of writing about the claims of interpretation. I shall
not attempt to ...

Maritain S Ontology Of The Work Of Art

Author: J.W. Hanke
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401024847
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Maritain himself recognizes that there is a concern for beauty even by the lowliest
craftsman, that both nature's and man's production of the useful involves an
exercise of creativity such that what results is something more than pure utility.” In
architecture the pursuit of beauty along with utility is especially apparent. So,
while in the text of Art and Scholasticism he says that “certain arts tend to make a
beautiful work, and in this they differ essentially from all the others,” we find in a
footnote ...

The Orchestration Of The Arts A Creative Symbiosis Of Existential Powers

Author: M. Kronegger
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401734119
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These questions are the focus of my paper. To fully appreciate contemporary art,
however, and to understand how art philosophizes without abstractions through
visual and aural images, we need to make another step into the history of the
relationship between art and philosophy and trace this link more precisely.
FUNCTIONS OF ARTS IN ... Aesthetics, the science of the beautiful is located in
the first circle of movement of the Spirit in the direction of self-realization. “Art's
vocation is to ...

When Machines Play Chopin

Author: Katherine Hirt
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110232405
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(284) Heine's own attempt to answer the question of what music is splits music
into categories of spirit and matter that maintain a balance Heine hints is more
unusual than in other arts. The split between spirit and matter also connects to
the question of form versus content, a theme Koch addresses in his treatise on
music theory and which the Viennese music critic Eduard Hanslick deals with in
On the Musically Beautiful. Arnold Schopenhauer also deals with the material
and spiritual ...