A Perfect Gentleman

Author: Candace Camp
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501141589
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From New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp comes a delicious and steamy marriage-of-convenience historical romance in A Perfect Gentleman.

The Idea Of The Gentleman In The Victorian Novel

Author: Robin Gilmour
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317207432
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Alice is independent and indecisive, and her predicament is explored in the
contrast between her two suitors. Trollope uses the cad, her cousin George
Vavasor, to sound out the limitations of the perfect gentleman. Crosbie had been
a “soft' cad, one of those men, as Lily says, “who are so full of feeling, so soft-
natured, so kind', but who in the end 'won't wash' (Last Chronicle, ch. 16). George
is a 'hard' cad, dark-featured and violent, all whips, pistols and brandy. He is
Trollope and the ...

The Perfect Gentleman

Author: Gentleman
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A Book of Information and Instruction ... Containing Model Speeches for All
Occasions ... 500 Toasts and Sentiments for Everybody ... To which are Added,
the Duties of Chairmen of Public Meetings ... Gentleman. Spenser died of want
and neglect. So did Collins. Milton did not receive as much for his Paradise Lost
as a modern author gets for a shilling novel — he receiving for that immortal work
but fifteen pounds, in three payments ; and the great author finished his days in

Culture Class And Gender In The Victorian Novel

Author: A. Young
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230377076
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To the Junior Journalists, the only kind of gentleman that Rickman can really be
is 'a perfect little gentleman', a diminutive, vulgarized (this is, after all, what he is
when drunk), lower-middleclass version of the real thing. The Junior Journalists
have at this moment lost sight of the soul of the 'young Sophocles' and are so
absorbed in the cleverness of their own ironic playfulness with the idea of the
gentleman that they fail to notice that Rickman himself has quietly entered the
room and ...

The Psychological Element In The English Sociological Novel Of The Nineteenth Century

Publisher: Ardent Media
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It was Godwins belief that the characters of men originate in their external
circumstances l, and that is why he shows us Ferdinand Falkland as a young
man with frank and ingenuous manners, an open character and a warm
enthusiasm for what is true and noble; resolute and brave in difficulties, with an
impetuous temper, it is true, but able to subdue it by reason. He considered it a
privilege to belong to the aristocracy, and it was his ambition to be looked upon
as a perfect gentleman.

Novel Review

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'Now, my dear child, you are putting yourself out for nothing. Tollemache has no
right to speak so, of course, and, as I said before, he must make amends to you.
But I can answer for it, he never would have discussed your name in any fashion
had he thought you were within hearing. He is a perfect gentleman.” “A
gentleman And lies away a woman's character !' 'Now, my dear Stella, be
reasonable. The fact is you are very much put out to-day, and no wonder. I
confess I have behaved ...

The Oxford Book Of American Short Stories

Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195092622
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And then the next morning we had Morgan of Alabama for breakfast. He was one
of the finest men I ever sat down to — handsome, educated, refined, spoke
several languages fluently — a perfect gentleman — he was a perfect gentleman,
and singularly juicy. For supper we had that Oregon patriarch, and he was a
fraud, there is no question about it — old, scraggy, tough, nobody can picture the
reality. I finally said, 'Gentlemen, you can do as you like, but I will wait for another

The Complete Index To Literary Sources In Film

Author: Alan Goble
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110951940
Size: 45.14 MB
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PERFECT CRIME, A 1921 d: Allan Dwan. USA., A Perfect Crime, Carl Clausen,
1920, Short Story PERFECT CRIME, THE 1925 (1: Walter Summers. UKN., The
Perfect Crime, Seamark, Short Story PERFECT CRIME, THE 1928 d: Bert
Glennon. USA., The Big Bow Mystery, Israel Zangwill, London 1892, Novel
PERFECT FLAPPER, THE 1924 d: John Francis Dillon. USA., The Mouth of the
Dragon, Jessie E. Henderson, 1923, Short Story PERFECT GENTLEMAN, THE
1935 d: Tim ...

The Lighter Side Of School Life Scally The Story Of A Perfect Gentleman

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the author that he envies Harrow nothing — except perhaps "Forty Years On." In
other words, "The Hill," owing to the insistent fashion in which it puts Harrow first
and general schoolboy nature second, must be regarded more as a glorified
prospectus than as a representative novel of English school life. But "The Hill"
stands high. It cannot be hid. It is super-sentimental at times, but then so are
schoolboys. And the characters are clean-cut and finely finished. Scaife is a
memorable figure; ...

Anne Grey A Novel By Harriet Grove Edited By The Author Of Granby I E T H Lister

Author: afterwards CRADOCK GROVE (Hon., Harriet)
Size: 76.32 MB
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He did not always talk much—sometimes scarcely at all; but all he said, was it
grave or gay, much or little, was worth hearing— and he never bored / Any one
on seeing Edward Temple must have known that he would be agreeable, and a
perfect gentleman. Women might think him very captivating. Men might not think
of calling him goodlooking ; but no man would have objected to look like him. Mr.
Temple did his part of the agreeable at dinner; he sat by Lady Agnes Dalton, and
he ...