Administrative Law

Author: Daniel L. Feldman
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1506308562
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This concise text examines the everyday challenges of administrative responsibilities and provides students with a way to understand and manage the complicated mission that is governance.

Administrative Law

Author: Jack M. Beermann
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
ISBN: 0735590095
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The Constitution: The Constitution of the United States limits the type of power
that agencies may exercise and also places ... at a particular agency, are
important sources of law regarding a particular agency, and may even modify the
APA with regard to that agency. ... Administrative common law: Before the APA
was enacted, common law regulating the exercise of government power had

Administrative Law Treatise Due Process

Author: Richard J. Pierce
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9780735580497
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Congress has delegated vast power to agencies, frequently with little meaningful
substantive limit on the exercise of that power. ... our system of government, the
greatest unsolved problem in our legal system, the end of our liberal democratic
state, and a route back to feudalism. ... Chapters 6 and 7 describe the many
advantages of agency rules as a politically legitimate source of limits on agency

Administrative Law Treatise

Author: Richard J. Pierce
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man, Crisis and Legitimacy: The Administrative Process and American
Government 93-94 (1978); McGowan, ... Six and Seven describe the many
advantages of agency rules as a politically legitimate source of limits on agency

Administrative Law Treaties

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Because of some uncertain combination of institutional limitations, however,
Congress is unable or unwilling to ... Chapters Six and Seven describe the many
advantages of agency rules as a politically legitimate source of limits on agency
power. ... In the absence of other limits on its power, such an agency can engage
in patterns of adjudicatory decisionmaking that ... the affected individual did or did
not bribe a government official, or is or is not a member of the "right" political party

Environmental Policy Law

Author: Holly D. Doremus
Publisher: Foundation Pr
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EPA's administrative judicial system has two levels: 1) Administrative Law Judges
(ALJs) and 2) an Environmental ... the ALJ conducts a quasi-judicial proceeding
involving the government's complaint, settlement negotiations, answers, ... C.
Agency Power and its Limits The APA is vitally important in spelling out the basic
procedural requirements for agency action. ... will examine several other sources
of constraints on agency action: the nondelegation doctrine, which limits
Congress' ...

Life Sciences Law

Author: Roseann B. Termini
Publisher: Forti Publications
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agency its powers, and marks the limits of those powers. ... While enabling acts
can be amended from time to time, expanding or contracting their power,
agencies are never permitted to act ... A second source of administrative law and
the one important to practitioners before federal administrative agencies is the
Administrative ... federal government take a more active role in the regulation of

Human Resource Management In Local Government

Author: Siegrun Fox Freyss
Publisher: International City County Management Assn
ISBN: 9780873261869
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This completely updated and revised edition tackles today's complex human resource issues, and provides best practices and insight on addressing long-term workforce needs, recruiting and maintaining a high-performance team, and creating an ...

Gellhorn And Byse S Administrative Law

Author: Peter L. Strauss
Publisher: West Publishing Company
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... is that government ordinarily or properly does. Regulated entities are
themselves the beneficiaries of statutory limits on agency power — and of the
common law — insofar as those sources of law protect them from public or
private incursions ...