An American Collection

Author: Amon Carter Museum of Western Art
Publisher: Hudson Hills
ISBN: 9781555951986
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This volume relates the museum's history and presents color and duotone illustrations of 125 of its masterworks dating from 1822 to 1998 (paintings, sculpture, prints, watercolors, pastels, drawings, and photographs), with an essay about ...


Author: Jerry Flemmons
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“In his heyday, Amon Carter had plenty of name recognition in Texas and across the nation.

Amon S Adventure

Author: Arnold Ytreeide
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 0825489628
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Amon thought for several moments. He didn't think it would be, but decided that,
in matters like this, it was best to be sure. After all, one wrong move in the temple
can get you killed. “I will seek the counsel of Saul,” Amon said, and his mother
nodded agreement. He turned to leave, but his mother pulled at his arm. “Amon,”
she said. “When I went to Antonia that day, I was almost speared by a Roman
soldier with a mean temper. But I was saved by his commander, who was a kind

The Prophet Of Amon

Author: Bjorn Street
Publisher: Bjorn Street
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The Alien Connection in Ancient Egypt ^ Bjorn Street. fourteen months ago; two
humble housewives tending to the sick ones in their families, who nevertheless
maintain goodness in their hearts while performing their daily deeds; and two
hardworking farmers with thick callouses on their hands, representing the
backbone of the entire Egyptian economy. The chosen ones bow reverently
before the Pharaoh. Standing inconspicuously off to Amon's left side is the Royal
Scribe Suten Anu.

The Cards Of Amon Suhmen

Author: Michael Mortimer
ISBN: 132993444X
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Addesa – Elder goddess of nature. Elf patron goddess. Alcott – Drow elf. An old
druid, resides in Gennymae. Alivar Senson – Farmer in Autumn Leaf.
Ambassador Burnir Rune – Dwarven ambassador to Sarehole. Ambassador
Grae Flowerlily – Gnome ambassador to Sarehole Ambassador Mallory – Human
ambassador to Sarehole Amon Suhmen – Ancient sorcerer who made, then
reneged on a deal with the Lord of demons, Holmodus. Now a lich gathering the
souls for Holmodus.


Author: 大竹康師
Publisher: PHP研究所
ISBN: 4569798195
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Old Testament Parallels

Author: Victor Harold Matthews
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809137312
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Archaeologists recovered the stories of Wen-Amon at el-Hibeh, Egypt around
1899 They were written on papyrus in hieroglyphics during the twenty-first
dynasty (1070-945 BCE) at the end of the New Kingdom. Today the papyrus is
preserved in the Moscow Museum in Russia. Pharaohs and priests regularly sent
messengers to the Lebanon mountains to harvest timber for architectural beams,
for carving, and for constructing the hulls and masts of ships. The stories of Wen-
Amon tell ...