The Bloomsbury Companion To Hume

Author: Alan Bailey
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
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... Clarendon Press, 1978). Enquiries concerning Human Understanding and
concerning the Principles of Morals, ed. L.A. SelbyBigge, 3rd edn with text rev.
and notes by P.H. Nidditch (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1975). The above edition of
the Treatise also contains the full text of the Abstract but does not contain the text
of A Letter from a Gentleman. A facsimile edition of this latter work, combined with
a substantial editorial essay, is provided by: A Letter from a Gentleman to his
Friend ...

The Reader S Adviser

Author: Barbara Ann Chernow
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Abstract of a Treatise of Human Nature, 1740: A Pamphlet Hitherto Unknown. Ed.
by P. Sraffa, intro. by John Maynard Keynes, Shoe String 1965 o.p. A pamphlet
by Hume, apparently his own review of his Treatise of Human Nature. An Enquiry
Concerning Human Understanding: And Letter from a Gentleman to His Friend in
Edinburgh. 1748. Ed. by Eric Steinberg, Hackett 1977 text ed. lib. bdg. $15.00
pap. $2.95. The Letter from a Gentleman is a recently discovered pamphlet in
which ...

After Crucifixion

Author: Craig Keen
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Hume, David. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding; A Letterfrom a
Gentleman to His Friend in Edinburgh; An Abstract ofa Treatise ofHuman Nature.
Edited by Eric Steinberg. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1977. Husserl, Edmund. Ideas:
General Introduction to Pure Phenomenology. Translated by W. R. Boyce Gibson.
New York: Collier, 1962. ———. “Phenomenology.” In Encyclopedia Britannica.
14th ed. Vol. 17. New York, 1929. Ignatius of Antioch. “Letter to the Ephesians,” “
Letter ...

Tristram Shandy Laurence Sterne

Author: Anne Bandry-Scubbi
Publisher: Armand Colin
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Hogarth, William, The Analysis of Beauty, Londres, 1753, http:// www. Hume, David, A Treatise of Human Nature, 1739. — , An
Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding with A Letter from a Gentleman to His
Friend in Edinburgh and Hume's Abstract of a Treatise of Human Nature, ed. Eric
Steinberg, Cambridge, Indianapolis, Hackett Publishing Company, 1977. Locke,
John, Essay Concerning Human Understanding, 1690, Alexander Campbell
Fraser ed., 2 vols.

David Hume

Author: Jens Kulenkampff
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 9783406494185
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D.F.Norton u. M.Norton, Oxford: Oxford UP (Reihe: Oxford Philosophical Texts)
2000. Enquiries Concerning Human Understanding and Concerning the
Principles of Morals, hrsg. v. ... An Abstract of a Treatise of Human Nature ( 1 740)
, hrsg. v. J. M. Keynes u. P. Sraffa, Cambridge: Cambridge UP 1938; Nachdruck:
Hamden, Connecticut, 1965. A Letter from a Gentleman to His Friend in
Edinburgh (1745), hrsg. v. E.C. Mossneru. J.V. Price, Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP
1967. Essays, Moral ...