Animal Farm A Fairy Story

Author: George Orwell
Publisher: Signet
ISBN: 0451526341
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George Orwell's timeless and timely allegorical novel—a scathing satire on a downtrodden society’s blind march towards totalitarianism.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

A farm is taken over by its overworked, mistreated animals. With flaming idealism and stirring slogans, they set out to create a paradise of progress, justice, and equality. Thus the stage is set for one of the most telling satiric fables ever penned—a razor-edged fairy tale for grown-ups that records the evolution from revolution against tyranny to a totalitarianism just as terrible.
When Animal Farm was first published, Stalinist Russia was seen as its target. Today it is devastatingly clear that wherever and whenever freedom is attacked, under whatever banner, the cutting clarity and savage comedy of George Orwell’s masterpiece have a meaning and message still ferociously fresh.

Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell
Publisher: Adarsh Books
ISBN: 8187138750
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George Orwell s famous satire of the Soviet Union, in which all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.Animal Farm is one of the most famous warnings ever written. Orwell's immortal satire - 'against Stalin' as he wrote to his French translator - can be read on many levels. With its piercing clarity and deceptively simple style it is no surprise that this novel is required reading for schoolchildren and politicians alike. This fable of the steadfast horses Boxer and Clover, the opportunistic pigs Snowball and Napoleon, and the deafening choir of sheep remains an unparalleled masterpiece.One reviewer wrote 'In a hundred years' time perhaps Animal Farm ... may simply be a fairy story: today it is a fairy story with a good deal of point.' Over sixty years on in the age of spin, it is more relevant than ever. Rejected by such eminent publishing figures as Victor Gollancz, Jonathan Cape and T.S. Eliot, Animal Farm was published to great acclaim by Martin Secker and Warburg on 17 August 1945 in an edition of 4500 copies. In the centenary year of Martin Secker, Ltd., Harvill Secker is proud to publish this special edition with a brand-new introduction by Christopher Hitchens.

A Fairy In A Dairy

Author: Lucy A. Nolan
Publisher: Two Lions
ISBN: 147781678X
Size: 80.67 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Buttermilk Hollow is about to become the next victim of big business. People are moving away from the sleepy town, and the farmers, with Mayor Clabber’s encouragement, are thinking about selling their land to a factory. If only the town had a fairy godmother, Farmer Blue wistfully wishes to his cow, Pixie. The next day, dairy products pop up in the most unusual spots—under pillows, out of the sky, and in the shape of elegant Swiss cheese formal wear. As the mysterious gifts continue, the "For Sale" signs disappear and the townspeople celebrate their dairy windfalls. But who is the fairy godmother? This delicious picture book celebrates the power of bovine magic with sunny illustrations and a delightful surprise ending.

The Little Red Hen Little Golden Book

Publisher: Golden Books
ISBN: 0307960307
Size: 49.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Beloved illustrator J. P. Miller’s graphic, colorful farm animals seem to jump right off the page—but they aren’t jumping to help the Little Red Hen plant her wheat! Young children will learn a valuable lesson about teamwork from this funny, favorite folktale.

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit Story Board Book

Author: Beatrix Potter
Publisher: Warne
ISBN: 0723244324
Size: 51.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Finally, The Tale of Peter Rabbit is available in a colorful board book. This generously sized book tells Beatrix Potter's famous tale of naughty Peter Rabbit's adventures in Mr. McGregor's garden. Young children will be enchanted by the simple text and beautiful illustrations, which bring a classic story vibrantly to life. The board book format is sturdy and accessible, perfect for young readers, but adults will enjoy it too for bed-time read-aloud. As a board book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit will captivate children and offer them an early introduction to the world of Peter Rabbit and all his friends.

Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547370224
Size: 44.61 MB
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George Orwell’s famous satire of the Soviet Union, in which “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9780451526342
Size: 39.22 MB
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A satire on totalitarianism in which farm animals overthrow their human owner and set up their own government

Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell (Schriftsteller, Grossbritannien)
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Philip Allan Literature Guide For Gcse Animal Farm

Author: Najoud Ensaff
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444153803
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Fairy tales Orwell's original title for the novel Animal Farm was Animal Farm: A
Fairy Story. Fairy stories are normally books associated with children. They have
a straightforward plot and deal with themes often related to good and evil.

Animal Farm And 1984

Author: George Orwell
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547504186
Size: 31.21 MB
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In the end, the small house of Seeker and Warburg agreed to publish Animal
Farm in a very small edition, for an advance of ... Animal Farm, with its original
tongue-in-cheek subtitle "A Fairy Story," is biting but essentially good-natured.

Understanding Animal Farm

Author: John Rodden
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313302015
Size: 36.82 MB
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Animal Farm is subtitled "a fairy story." But is it merely a fairy tale? Or just an
animal story? The editors at Dial Press were not the only readers of Animal Farm
to think so. Some British booksellers erroneously placed it in the "children's
section" ...

George Orwell S Animal Farm

Author: Harold Bloom
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438128711
Size: 22.94 MB
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Discusses the characters, plot, and writing of Animal farm by George Orwell. Includes critical essays on the novel and a brief biography of the author.