Anxious To Please

Author: Craig English
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These conflicting messages are poisonous enough for any girl or woman trying to
find her own truth, but for a Nice Girl, whose prime motivation is the anxiety to
please, they can be lethal. COMMERCIALIZATION OF SEXUALITY The
commercialization of women's sexuality has a particularly strong influence on
Nice Girls. Nice Girls have a bone-deep need to make people like them. They
also have a propensity to make unconscious deals with their romantic partners:“I'
ll flatter you if ...

A Farewell To Arms

Author: Ernest Hemingway
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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... excitable, efficient and cheerful. It was arranged by holding up the shoulders,
that the patient should see personally some of the larger foreign bodies through
the machine. The plates were to be sent over. The doctor requested me to write in
his pocket notebook, my name, and regiment and some sentiment. He declared
that the foreign bodies were ugly, nasty, brutal. The Aus- trians were sons of
bitches. How many had I killed? I had not killed any but I was anxious to please
— and I ...

Sacrifice The Leader

Author: Paul L. Cox
Publisher: Charisma Media
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They also more often perceived themselves as anxious to please others, and
more often are somewhat bothered by feelings they take their work too seriously
and by not being able to sleep before dlfi'l— cult days because they are too
anxious.34 If it is true that leaders who are unhappy about their devotional life are
more anxious to please others, one can see the potential for a leader to accept
the sin of others—in other words, to become a sacrifice. It is therefore crucial to
the spiritual ...

The Acts Epistles Of Bible Apostles In Rhyme

Author: Warren Sherwood Bennett
Publisher: AuthorHouse
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... as if they weren't rejoicing, And those who buy goods, not a lot. And those who
would deal with the world, just as though They had no dealings with it at all. The
form and the way of this world is soon gone. - It is passing away and will fall. I
want you to be free from anxieties. While unmarried, a man is concerned, Of
things and affairs of the Lord, - how to please Him. (He's not of the world he
discerned.) A married man strives about worldly affairs, And is anxious to please
his good wife.

Measuring Health

Author: Ian McDowell
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199725304
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popular language, the term anxiety is used to such as, being anxious to please; a
response to a refer to various things: a mental state; a drive, particular situation,
for example, being anxious about a new job; a personality trait, as in an anxious
person; the cause of a behavior (e.g., a person who smokes out of anxiety), and a
psychiatric disorder (1). Translating this range of common parlance into more
clinical terms, Hamilton distinguished between anxiety as a normal reaction to ...

Visions Of Tomorrow

Author: Thomas A. Easton
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... have to add Anxious to Please, a high-performance package (translation: extra
cost). They claim it works, but I doubt it. Millennia of domestication didn't produce
Anxious to Please in cats. · And if it did, you wouldn't exactly have a cat,. 227 ·
232 · (Biological virus engineering) Misprint by Vonda N McIntyre.

Counseling And Psychotherapy With Children And Adolescents

Author: H. Thompson Prout
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470495324
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An annoying child who is constantly sharpening her pencil can be seen as
anxious to please and perform well on schoolwork. A teacher's response to a
child will depend in large measure on his or her belief about the child's behavior.
A teacher who sees a behavior as annoying is likely to become easily irritated
and yell at the child. If the same behavior is seen as the child being anxious to
please, the teacher may feel more compassionate and help shape the behavior
in a more ...

Individual Learners

Author: W. Ray Crozier
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134785925
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First, we consider the definition of anxiety, and the distinction between trait and
state anxiety. Since anxiety is a term in everyday use as well as a theoretical
construct in psychology, it is informative to begin with a dictionary definition. The
Concise Oxford Dictionary gives four meanings: 'state of being anxious - troubled,
uneasy in mind; concern about the future; earnest desire (as in anxious to please
or to succeed); morbid state of excessive uneasiness'. The Penguin Dictionary of

The Generals

Author: W.E.B. Griffin
Publisher: Penguin
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“Just set it inside the door, please,” Felter said. “I don't think I'll be staying.” There
was light coming from a doorway twenty feet down the corridor. Felter walked
toward it. A captain, also obviously just risen from his cot, was tucking his shirt in
his trousers. “Be with you in a moment,” he said. The sergeant came hurriedly
down the hall. “Sir, this is Colonel Felter,” he said. “He wants to see the FOD.” “
Yes, sir,” the officer of the day said, anxious to please. He went into an inner
office, where ...

How To Do It

Author: Rudolph M. Bell
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226042008
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Immediately afterwards he provides rudimentary lessons on female anatomy and
fetal development, his aim being to "please the gentlewomen who are anxious to
know about these matters and also to instruct midwives on how things are with
the creature in the womb."1 The healthy uterus normally opens and closes
independent of a woman's will, letting sperm in and menstrual blood out. Now
that she is pregnant, however, the uterus shuts itself so tightly that not even the
point of a ...