Cliffsnotes On Lewis Arrowsmith

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Sinclair Lewis considered several titles over a period of months before deciding
on Arrowsmith for his novel about the medical profession. Some of those
discarded were The Stumbler, The Barbarian or just Barbarian, Martin
Arrowsmith, M.D., Dr. Martin, Martin, and even Doc. The last, suggested by his
publisher, Alfred Harcourt, of Harcourt Brace, was dismissed as too informal,
Martin and Dr. Martin as too “sentiment-lady-novelistish,” and the one containing
reference to the medical ...

A Study Guide For Sinclair Lewis Arrowsmith

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Arrowsmith finds it nearly impossible to set up his experiment; nearly everyone
wants him to use the phage throughout the island. He does find a small village
where he can set up his experiment and, leaving Leora at the estate, he travels
there. At the village, he meets Joyce Lanyon, a wealthy New Yorker who had
been trapped by the quarantine, and Arrowsmith yet again begins to flirt. While
he does so, back at the estate, Leora wanders into Arrowsmith's lab. She smokes
one of his ...

Martin Arrowsmith

Author: Sinclair Lewis
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“I hear Arrowsmith hits it up too much though—likes his booze awful' well.” “Yes,
so they say. Shame, for a nice hustling young fellow. I like a nip myself, now and
then, but a Drinking Man—! Suppose he's drunk and gets called out on a case!
And a fellow from down there was telling me Arrowsmith is great on books and
study, but he's a freethinker—never goes to church.” “Is that a fact! Hm. Great
mistake for any doctor to not identify himself with some good solid religious
denomination, ...

Results Of Bedrock Mapping Of The Darby Lake Arrowsmith River North Map Areas Central Rae Domain Nunavut Electronic Resource

Author: Hamish A. I. Sandeman
Publisher: Natural Resources Canada
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Results of bedrock mapping of the Darby Lake–Arrowsmith River north map
areas, central Rae Domain, Nunavut H.A. Sandeman1, M. Schultz2, and K.
Rubingh3 Sandeman, H.A., Schultz, M., and Rubingh, K., 2005: Results of
bedrock mapping of the Darby Lake–Arrowsmith River north map areas, central
Rae Domain, Nunavut; Geological Survey of Canada, Current Research 2005-
C2, 11 p. Abstract: The Darby Lake–Arrowsmith River area, southwest of Pelly
Bay and southeast of ...


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Lewis's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel recounts the story of a doctor who becomes an isolated seeker of scientific truth after he is forced to give up his trade for reasons ranging from public ignorance to the publicity-mindedness of a great ...


Author: Sinclair Lewis
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The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel recounts the story of a Midwestern physician who is forced to give up his profession due to the ignorance, corruption, and greed of society.

The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

Author: Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
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to Arrowsmith for help. It wrenches my heart equally to think of all the children,
sitting in schools throughout the world, wiring into their brains each day the idea
that they are dumb, or useless, or losers because many educators are still under
the sway of the doctrine of the unchanging brain. I hope we don't have to wait for
the usual generational change for this to be rectified. Thus this book is an
important document as much for educators as for children or adults with learning
disorders ...

American Fuehrer

Author: Frederick James Simonelli
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Arrowsmith was the son and grandson of distinguished and well-respected
Episcopal ministers, one of two sons born to the Reverend Harold Noel
Arrowsmith Sr. and Frances Swayne Cook Arrowsmith. Reverend Arrowsmith
served as canon of the Cathedral Church of the Incarnation in Baltimore,
Maryland, for thirty-five years (1916-51). During his tenure, he supervised the
completion of the cathedral and was one of the most honored and revered men in
Baltimore.19 Harold Jr. did ...