At Your Pleasure

Author: Meredith Duran
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472222296
Size: 27.96 MB
Format: PDF
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At Your Command

Author: Anna Leonard
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426866682
Size: 11.84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Anna Leonard. “My name is Anthony. It is my duty to serve your pleasure.” Once
upon a time, Susannah Mackenzie had been fanciful. But she never expected to
inherit a genie of her own! It seemed the brooch Susannah's great-aunt left her
held more than she thought. Susannah was quickly intrigued by her alluring,
seductive companion—and soon she couldn't help but imagine all the ways
Anthony could please her.... Your aunt left something for you. Susannah sat back

Mark Twain At Your Fingertips

Author: Mark Twain
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486473198
Size: 12.63 MB
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I judge the trouble is that the literary man is thinking of the style and quality . . .
while the playwright thinks only of how it will play. One is thinking how it will
sound, the other of how it will look. P. 14.14—Mark Twain, a Biography, Vol. III—
Paine PLEASURE [See AUTHOR, DENTISTRY] . . . the exercise of an
extraordinary gift is the supremest pleasure in life. . . . P. 51—The'American
Claimant, Eta, Chapt. VI There is probably no pleasure equal to the pleasure of
climbing a dangerous Alp; ...

The Country Gentleman S Companion

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Hawk, and when she is gotten to the Height of her Gate lay in your Spaniels, and
then retrieving the Partridge underneath her, after the first Flight it is impossible
she should escape. ... your Spaniels, as they are ranging about, suddenly, when
your Hawk's Head is towards the Partridge, pluck off the Sod or Hat, and let the
Train go, and the Hawk after it; which, as soon as she hath slain, reward her very
well, and thus doing twice or thrice you may after venture to fly her at your

The Universal Magazine Of Knowledge And Pleasure

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After having got some fine spring or fountain water; take a clean new pen, and
Put as much water into each hole as will cause a round globule; care being taken
at the same time that the water spread not beyond the circumference of the hole;
then-fixing your object upon the point of the needle E, or upon the plyers K, and
slipping the wedge I between the needle and the plate at H, move & I R, the
needle till its point, with the objećt upon it, be over the hole at B, which is the least

Law Sports At Gray S Inn 1594

Author: Basil Brown
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
ISBN: 1584779896
Size: 36.24 MB
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But if you embrace the wars, your trophies and triumphs will be as continual
coronations that will not suffer your glory and contentment to fade and wither.
Then, when you have enlarged your territories, ennobled your country,
distributed fortunes, good or bad, at your pleasure, not only to particulars, but to
cities and nations; marked the computations of time with your expeditions and
voyages, and the memory of places by your exploits and victories, in your later
years you shall find a ...

The Life Of The Right Honourable Francis North Baron Of Guilford Lord Keeper Of The Great Seal Under King Charles Ii And King James Ii

Author: Roger North
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jejly may insticl upon them at your Pleasure ; what will they not do, if your Majesty
gives them all a Discharge at once? That would be to quit the greatest Advantage
you have of securing the Peace of the Nation. Is it not better that your Enemies
stould live under some Disadvantages, and be obnoxious to your Majesty's
Pleasure, who may, is they are turbulent and troublejbme, insiiSl the Penalties of
the Law upon them ? And as to the Roman Catholicks, if there be any Persons to
whom ...

Recollections Of The Private Life Of Napoleon Complete

Author: Louis Constant Wairy
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 146555582X
Size: 38.28 MB
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you can kill your horses at your pleasure." The Emperor cursed every moment the
ceremonials and fetes which delayed the arrival of his young wife. Acamp had
been formed near Soissons forthe reception of the Empress. The Emperor
wasnow at Compiegne, where hemade a decree containing several clausesof
benefits and indulgenceson the occasion ofhis marriage, setting atliberty many
condemned,giving Imperial marriage dowries tosix thousand soldiers, amnesties,
promotions, ...

Shake Speares Sonnets

Author: William Shakespeare
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58 - - Th; God forbid,that made me first your slaue, Ishould in thought
controuleyour times of pleasure, Or at your hand th' account of houres to craue,
Being yourvassailbound to stale yourleisure. Ohletmesuffer(being at yourbeck)
Th' imprison'd absence of your libertie, - Andpatience tame,to sufferancebide
each dieck, Without accusing you ofiniury. Bewhere you list,your charter is so
strong, That youyourselfe maypriulledge your time To what you will,to you it doth
belong, Yourselfe ...

An Historical Review Of The State Of Ireland

Author: Francis Plowden
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I humbly beseech your majesty, if it be your gracious pleasure to accept the Earl
of Tyrone into your highness's protection, that he may safely come in unto your
majesty, or to your lord deputy, and hither at your pleasure, that I may be the
messenger; because at my coming over he reposed great trust in me, to deliver
unto your majesty those things, wherewith he found himself grieved, wherein I
doubt not but to do your highness acceptable service, by reason of the poor credit
I have with ...