Leagues Of Their Own

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Sport And National Identity In The Post War World

Author: Dilwyn Porter
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The first international match was held on 15 July 1912, at the Stockholm
Olympics, when a team of Swedes was defeated by a team of Americans drawn
from the United States track and field athletes. Baseball featured intermittently as
an exhibition sport at the Olympics in 1936, 1964, 1984 and 1988; and as a
medal sport in 1992, 1996 and 2000. In 1938 the United States and ... Baseball
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God's Country and ...

Baseball America S 1997 Almanac

Author: Baseball America (Firm)
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Baseball America (Firm) Allan Gray Simpson ... The most revolutionary aspect is
the start of inter- league play in 1997, beginning June 12 when the four National
League West teams play the four American League West teams. Teams ... The
following levels are applicable: 1 997—60 percent 2000— 1 00 percent 1 998—
80 percent 2001— 1 00 percent 1999—85 percent An estimated 13 teams will
give money and 13 teams will receive, with about $70 million to be transferred in

The Louisville Baseball Almanac

Author: Philip Von Borries
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Minor Leagues Major Boom

Author: Jon C. Stott
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Touching All The Bases

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Paths To Glory

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Baseball Team Names

Author: Richard Worth
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