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... initiating the infamous Tupperware parties where sales people demonstrated
the use of the product and persuaded women to buy it.280 In Britain, home
shopping was already common in the Victorian era with many newspapers and
local magazines carrying ads for goods and services that would be delivered to
the home. In 1868 the publication of a weekly magazine dedicated to this type of
shopping was published: the Bazaar, Exchange and Mart and the Journal of the
Household ...

Historical Racialized Toys In The United States

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License agreement located at https://
deed.en. Anonymous. 1866. Shepard Iron Works advertisement. Once a Month
Advertiser. Electronic document, <www
pages/1866shepard-iron-works_advs.htm>, accessed June 27, 2010.
Anonymous. 1881. The Bazaar, Exchange, and Mart, and Journal of the
Household. Volume XXIV, January 3–June 29. London: Alfred Bradley.
Anonymous. 1883. Jerome B. Secor ...

Victorian Tasty Dishes

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ARTICLES ON Kitchen Ranges, Domestic Matters, Dress & Fashion, Fancy Work,
&c., A&E GIVEN 1H The Bazaar, Exchange <& Mart, AND JOURNAL OP THE
HOUSEHOLD, Whioh is published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Price
2d., by post 2£d. Specimen Copy, Two Penny Stamps. ADVERTISEMENTS of or
for Domestic Appliances, Furniture, Sewing Machines, Dress Materials, And
Other Property, ONE PENNY FOR THREE WORDS. " The Bazair " Office, 170,
Strand, ...

The Photographic News

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Journal of the Household. 4to., Tri-Weekly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Price
2d. Office, 170, Strand, W.C. 1868–1888. -- The Bazaar has contained several
serial articles on photography, of which we may name specially those by O. E.
Wheeler, which have been re-published in book form. It usually also contains
numerous advertisements of photographic apparatus for sale and wanted. Vol.
xxxvii. is ...

Beastly Possessions

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Fur and Feather, 1 April 1890; Canary and Cage Bird Life, 20 October 1905.
Bazaar, Exchange and Mart, 17 February 1890. Ibid., 3 June 1868. Ibid., 18 April
1871. Ibid., 9 January 1875. The Lady: A Journal for Gentlewomen, 17
September 1885. Bazaar, Exchange and Mart, 1 January 1886. Ibid., 3 May 1880
. Ibid., 2 January 1880. Ibid., 3 January 1890. Fur and Feather, 21 February 1895.
Ibid., 8 May 1890; for additional legal advice, see “Two Dead Canaries,” Bazaar,
Exchange and ...

Goat Keeping

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Bazaar, Exchange and Mart.” 10s. 6d. 2. Goat Keeping for Amateurs. H. S.
Holmes Pegler. “Bazaar, Exchange and Mart.” 2s. 6d. 3. Practical Goat Keeping.
A. W. Abbey. Cassell. 2s. 6d. 4. Year Book of the British Goat Society. British Goat
... Distinguishing Marks. Plans for a Small Goat House. Electric Fencing for Goats.
The Registration of Goats. Feeding for Beginners. Roundworms Living in the
Alimentary Feeding Goats. Canal of Goats and Sheep. First Aid in the Goat

An Infinity Of Things

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third in 1907, and they were, 'intended primarily for an interchange of ideas
amongst those with small collections'.21 Meanwhile, The Bazaar, Exchange and
Mart—a weekly 'journal through which to buy, sell, or exchange anything; to get a
place, to obtain ... 23 Years later he went to Bristol to visit 'a little low-class public
house down near the quays among the worst slums' in the city, to buy a large 'juju
' Wgure—a wooden carving believed to have supernatural powers—from the

The Kinetoscope

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Three weeks later Bazaar, Exchange and Mart carried this announcement: Don't
buy until you see our new portable Baby Kinetoscope. ... Journal. After describing
the range of phonographs (illegally) manufactured by Rigg, this account
continues: The firm's Kinetoscopes are even more astonishing. The mysterious
mechanism brings before the eye reproductions of actual scenes; with their
actual living motion in a manner so marvellous and life-like that it is difficult to
believe that living ...