Big Red

Author: Ellie S. Dias
ISBN: 9781941523063
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Everything that could go wrong on her spiritual journey did. It was a fiasco that left her wondering whether the Universe--via her Big Red Suitcase--was trying to teach her something.

Red Is Not The Only Color

Author: Patricia Angela Sieber
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0742511375
Size: 75.84 MB
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If they had learned of it, they would not have understood; they would have
laughed at the women. Realizing this from the beginning, the women decided ... If
this simplicity is not recognized, it either dies or is transformed. Men do not bother
to participate in these games with ... Before she took the trip she resumed her old
hobby of knitting; she knitted many pairs of pants and socks for the child and
stuffed them all into her suitcase. As soon as she arrived at Old Li's home, she
began to try ...

Reedy S Mirror

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A very different phase of the noble red man is presented by Mabel Powers in “
Stories the Iroquois tell their Children" (American Book Company. ... their
simplicity. They are written in words of one and two syllables and are beautifully
illustrated with numerous drawings and color plates. Any child will enjoy the book
and at the same time will learn to observe and love nature. +++ The “Big Sisters”
By Alice Mary ... An imitation-leather suitcase bulges queerly with her small

John Hick

Author: John Hick
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 1780746830
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My interest throughout the India trip was to learn more about Hinduism (and later
Sikhism), both philosophical and popular. As is well known, the 'ism' which
makes Indian ... There is a vast seventh century Buddhist temple with
innumerable carvings, and next to it a modern Tibetan monastery and temple,
very brightly painted in red and gold, with many figures of the Buddha – the
Tibetan Buddha having a sardonic smile on his face. Dozens of rolls of books on
shelves, prayer mats on ...

Indianapolis Monthly

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The huge square-cut diamond on her wedding ring flashes as she moves; with
her shiny red lipstick and chunky diamond earrings, Wickliff could be a high-class
real-estate agent or a lady who lunches. Instead, she's pushing ... Getting to
today — to this plain yellow room appointed with pegboard, tables, glass display
cabinets and big- screen TVs, this room where buyers and sellers meet face-to-
face — is much more than a matter of gathering merchandise. Wickliff has spent
years ...

School Library Journal

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While this story follows a familiar cautionary-tale story line, Lulu is both
determined and surprisingly resourceful (her small suitcase contains pickle
sandwiches and an astonishing amount of stuff). Viorst's narrative is
appropriately ... Simplicity of text, action illustrated to lead readers in turning the
page, and a satisfying conclusion makes this easy reader a solid selection for all
libraries-Mary Eton, Learning Media Services Piano ISD, TX *W1ESNER, David.
Art (5 Max. illus. bv author, ...

The School Executive

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Stain-resistant tableware in maple color; red or brown trays. Keyes Fibre Sales
Corp.. Dept. cf 420 Lexington Ave., n! Y. 17. N. Y. Please aend me further
information on □ Kys-ite Tableware □ Kys-ite Trays NAME TITLE NAME OF
nitely placed in our school library to plant seeds of communism in the minds of
our children." She made her charges in the form of a letter to a grand jury, which
put the blame on the ...

New York Magazine

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Then came more stores, children's clothes, fragrances, leather accessories and
luggage, eyeglasses, shoes, underwear, jewelry, robes, swimsuits, scarves,
stockings, sheets, towels, tableware, furniture, and furs (since abandoned). ... He
chided himself for allowing a photograph of a boy wearing finger- less gloves in
the Sunday Times ("A big mistake — it didn't have our stamp") and worried for
almost an hour over the typeface of the logo for a new, inexpensive line of
women's clothes ...