Birdcage Walk

Author: Helen Dunmore
Publisher: Random House
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I always took the paved path between the railings: Birdcage Walk, it's called,
because of the pleached lime trees arching overhead on their cast-iron frame. In
late summer the rosebay willowherb grew taller than the battered headstones
and monuments. Every so often the graveyard would be strimmed and the stones
would show naked. The tide of green would be stemmed for a few weeks, but it
could never be held back. I once saw a man doing t'ai chi in a clearing, but
usually only ...

Birdcage Walk

Author: Kate Riordan
Publisher: Diversion Books
ISBN: 1938120671
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Set at the dawning of a new century, when the rigid class and gender boundaries of the Victorian age were soon to shift and realign, BIRDCAGE WALK is a historical novel that vividly brings to life a real-life Edwardian murder and the ...

Birdcage Walk

Author: Vaughan Hewett
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A conservationist look at the plight of the red squirrel in story form.

Round About Piccadilly And Pall Mall

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Birdcage Walk and the avenues within the railings by its side contain some of the
best trees in the Park. Birdcage is a corruption of Boccage or Avenue ; and
Storey's Gate, at the Westminster end of it, takes its name, as was before stated,
from Edward Storey, who was employed by Charles II. on some of the work in the
Park. Bishop Warburton, in a letter to his follower Hurd, happily hit off some of the
peculiarities of the place. " I would recommend to our good friend Mason a
voyage now ...

The Book Of Small

Author: Emily Carr
Publisher: D & M Publishers
ISBN: 9781926706054
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... would have joined Birdcage Walk if Mrs. McConnell's cow farm had not stood
in the way, and Birdcage Walk would have been Government Street if the James'
Bay Bridge had not been there to get people over the mud flats. After many years
Government Street swallowed them up—James' Bay Bridge, Carr Street and
Birdcage Walk—and went straight NEW NEIGHBORS.

Why Kings Confess

Author: C.S. Harris
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101609788
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promenade known as Birdcage Walk ran along the south side of St. James's Park
. A broad carriageway lined with rows of elm and lime, it was open to commoners
traversing it on foot. Only members of the royal family were allowed to drive down
Birdcage Walk. It wasn't a privilege they exercised often, but the prerogative
remained exclusively theirs, nonetheless. Over the past fifty or more years, the
walk had become notorious as a popular “molly market,” or cruising ground. The
area's ...

From Village Boy To Global Citizen Volume 2 The Travels Of A Journalist

Author: Shelton A. Gunaratne
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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\/U §' '1' ., '.9 ' a; P /\'_ 5 on} I Lambeme J\ 2), 'q North \, 5 902 .5 V A3202! /\ » '\ ""iv/
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38.1 Pommy's Walking Tour of “London by Night” offers charming views of
London's historical institutions illuminated by bright lights. A, St. James Park (
area between Queen Anne's Gates and Birdcage Walk allows inexpensive or
free parking at night); B, Promenade along the right bank of River Thames, C,
Lord N Street; ...

Lockie S Topography Of London

Author: John Lockie
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Bird-Cage-Court, Strand, at 393, by Southampton-street, Coventgarden. Bird-
Cage-Walk, Bethnal-Green,-- the continuation of Crab-Tree-row, Hackney-road,
near Shoreditchchurch, to Hackney-road again by the Nag's-head. Bird-Cage-
Walk, St. James's-Park,+ is on the S. side of it, extending from Buckingham-gate,
to Great George-street, Westminster. Bird's-Court, Marybone-Lane,— 35, about ;
of a mile on the R. from 158, Oxford-street, five doors from High-street. - Bird's-
Court ...

Still Life

Author: Richard Cobb
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571252974
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The lower flats led straight out onto the little park and Birdcage Walk, so that their
curving fronts really were fronts. The upper flats had no direct access to the Walk,
to which, as part of a planned ensemble, they rightly belonged, so that they were
also excluded from the little park that went with it, though their handsome wrought
-iron balconies gave a much better view of it than that enjoyed by the flats below.
It was an instance of a pretty slipshod conversion that had been carried out ...