Breverton S Encyclopedia Of Inventions

Author: Terry Breverton
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1780873409
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A Compendium of Technological Leaps, Groundbreaking Discoveries and
Scientific Breakthroughs that Changed the World Terry Breverton. paper 65–6
papermaking 65–6, 208–9 papyrusboat Ra35 papyrus scroll 34–5, 65 Paré,
Ambroise 79 Parker, William 160 Parkinson, Bradford 347–9 Parry,George 221,
222,246 Pasch, Gustaf Erik 195 Pasteur, Louis 19, 189, 230–1, 235
pasteurization 230–1 Paterson,Tim 352, 353 Pauling, Linus 333 Pearl Bridge,
Kobe 185 Pears, Andrew ...

Yearbook Of The Encyclopedia Americana

Author: Alexander Hopkins McDannald
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Washington, D.C., June 6 Birdscye, Clarence (69), inventor of quick-freezing
process for foods: d. New York ... 14 Breed, Robert S. (78), professor of
bacteriology, Cornell University, 1913-47; authority on dairy bacteriology: d.
Geneva ... Tucson, Ariz., Dec. 28 Bryan. James W. (82). Progressive Republican
congressman from Washington, 1913—15: d. Bremerton, Wash., Aug. 26 Bryant,
Louise S. (70), leader in public health and welfare; author and editor of studies
on human fertility: d.

The Encyclopedia Of Western Movies

Author: Phil Hardy
Publisher: Conran Octopus
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d Henri Samuels (Harry S . Webb) p Bernard B . Ray s Carl Krusada, Rose
Gordon c Pliny Good friend Ip Tom Tyler, Rex Lease, Al Bridge, Margaret Nearing
, Slim Whi taker, Charles King Ghost Patrol (puritan) b/w 6omin The most
interesting, if not the best, of the ten Westerns McCoy made for Puritan Pictures
for $4,000 a film, Ghost Patrol is a ... He is held captive by villains Miller and
Oakman who use the invention to bring down mail planes with typical lack of
imagination. McCoy is ...

The Overlook Film Encyclopedia

Author: Phil Hardy
Publisher: Overlook Pr
ISBN: 9780879516260
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Morgan is the inventor of a robot that is powered by 'metalogen' and Macready
the enemy agent out to get it and the formula for metalogen with the assistance of
a killer ape called Thor (Ray 'Crash' Corrigan) and a variety of criminal
accomplices. Lowery is the wide-grinned hero. Routine. d Howard Bretherton p
Rudolph C. Flothow s Sherman Lowe, Royal K.Cole c C.W. O'Connell Ip Robert
Lowery, George Macready, Ralph Morgan, Carole Mathews, Jack Ingram,
Anthony Warde The ...

Compton S Pictured Encyclopedia And Fact Index

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Pulley, a mechanical device M-208, pictures M-208 “Pulling chestnuts out of the
fire” F-3 Pullman, George Mortimer (1831–97), American inventor and
businessman ; manufactured for railways Pullman sleeping cars, for which he
designed the .... 52, picture S-103 salmon industry S-29 Puget Sound, College of,
at Tacoma, Wash.; Methodist; founded 1888; arts and sciences, education;
graduate School. Puget Sound Navy Yard. Bremerton, Wash. Pugmill, a clay-
mixing machine bricks ...

The Concord Desk Encyclopedia

Author: Robert A. Rosenbaum
ISBN: 9780940994010
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It extends S about lO0mi to Olympia and is navigable by large ships (US navy
yard at Bremerton). Seattle and Tacoma lie on its shores and the state's ... US
industrialist and inventor of the first modern railroad sleeping car — the "Pullman.
" In 1880, he built a model company town — Pullman ... The fastest pulsar yet
observed has a period of 0,033s, emitting pulses of the same frequency in the X-
ray and visible regions of the spectrum. It is likely that there are some 10,000
pulsars in the ...