Author: Ben Stroud
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Ben Stroud's historical reimaginings twist together with contemporary stories to reveal startling truths about human nature across the centuries. In his able hands, Byzantium makes us believe that these are accounts we haven't heard yet.

History As Literature In Byzantium

Author: Ruth Macrides
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351930648
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Roger Scott The fifthcentury stories of Theodosius' apple and Marcian's eagles
illustrate several aspects of the significance of good stories in Byzantine culture:
first, the initial recognition of their value for political propaganda and counter
propaganda by the actual political participants, with each side recognizing the
power of their opponent's fiction and hence the need for a rebuttal that silently
acknowledges the strength of that fiction; then the use of the stories by the earlier
chroniclers ...

A Companion To Byzantium

Author: Liz James
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Second, Byzantine chronicles often use repetition and apparent plagiarism as a
way of demonstrating their authenticity and accuracy. Repetition is a way of
implying that sources have been followed accurately. In contrast, it is a
characteristic of histories to justify their narrative as a correction of their
predecessors' errors, but in so doing they also repeat the same stories, though
modified in some way. So, third, neither of these forms ofjustification should be
accepted at face value, ...

Tales Of Byzantium

Author: Eileen Stephenson
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An exiled princess finds a new sense of purpose and creates a legacy to stand through the ages. These stories provide a glimpse of the dynamic and proud Byzantines who lived during the height of the empire's splendor.

The Horses Of St Mark S A Story Of Triumph In Byzantium Paris And Venice

Author: Charles Freeman
Publisher: The Overlook Press
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Just when one believes one is beginning the story line, Venice transmogrifies
and, both in spite of and because of the richness of its archives and artistic
treasures, is again a mystery, an enigma, an indecipherable maze of
interweaving stories, false and true.'* My only excuse for adding another story,
another book, lies in serendipity (it has, above all, been fun to write) and my own
interest, primarily as an ancient historian, in how a particular set of artistic
treasures from the classical ...


Author: Robert Wernick
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Here, from New York Times bestselling author Robert Wernick, is the unforgettable story of the Byzantine Empire, which dominated the world for more than 1,000 years.

Byzantium Its Neighbours And Its Cultures

Author: Danijel Dzino
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The complexities of the stories in DAI and the discussion below, in my opinion, by
default challenges and seriously undermines the idea of a single source being
used.25 The stories of the Croat arrival in DAIand 'local knowledge' There are
two stories about the arrival of the Croats in Dalmatia from White Croatia, one in
chapter 30,26 and one in chapter 31, regarded as Byzantine interpretations of the
original story. These two stories cannot be viewed separately from the story in ...

Power And Subversion In Byzantium

Author: Michael Saxby
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317076923
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Papers from the 43rd Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Birmingham,
March 2010 Michael Saxby, Dimiter Angelov. danced along.34 Whilst the walls of
the sevastokratorissa's tent might have been a place to highlight subversive,
comedic, or even indecorous imagery, this seems an unlikely scenario. Rather,
these three textual cases hint at a more pastoral, Arcadian perception of erotes.
Even on the bone and ivory caskets, disordered erotes are not the whole story.
The lid of the ...

The Reception Of Byzantium In European Culture Since 1500

Author: Dr Dion C. Smythe
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
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Important from the patriotic point of view, the novel was, unfortunately, equally
successful in reinforcing the negative stereotype of Byzantium as the medieval
version of Russia. Since at that time Polish studies on Byzantium were virtually
nonexistent, the image of the ... Byzantium. –. A. Story. of. One. Revenge. Before
Empress Theodora began her career in literature, theatre and film,23 the story of
the general Belisarius was the most popular Byzantine literary motif. In fact, it was
not ...