Canetti And Nietzsche

Author: Harriet Murphy
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791431344
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This first full-length study investigates the profound implications of the peculiarly original sense of humor found in Elias Canetti's single novel--a facetiousness, understood in a Nietzschean sense, as a revolutionary aesthetic.

A Companion To The Works Of Elias Canetti

Author: Dagmar C. G. Lorenz
Publisher: Camden House
ISBN: 9781571134080
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1 Elias Canetti, Massc und Maeht ( Hamburg: C.Taassen, 1960 ). Cited as MM
and page number. " Friedrich Nietzsche, Jenseits mw Gut und Bosc, in Werke, 3
vols., ed. Karl Schlechta (Munich: Hanser, 1966), vol. 2, 696. ' Matthew Bell,
Gocthe's Naturalistie Anthropolojjy: Man and Other Plants (Oxford: Clarendon
Press, 1994), 1-67. 4 See Charles Darwin, The Orijjin of Speeies hy Means of
Natural Seleetion, or the Prescrvation of Favoured Raees in the Struggle for Life,

Nietzsche Vs Canetti

Author: Niels Bohrman
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The similarities end here though. Nietzsche's affinity for power is not shared by Canetti. This is because of Nietzsche's martial and anti-humanistic praise of the ideal "Obermensch.

Anthropology As Memory

Author: Michael Mack
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110965968
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Elias Canetti's and Franz Baermann Steiner's Responses to the Shoah Michael
Mack. Bibliography Adler, Hans 'G.I Erfahrung der Cthnmacht. Beitrage aur
Soatologie unserer Zcit. Frankfurt a. M: Eu rooaische 'tferlagsanstalt I964. -
Panorama. Roman in zehn Bihtem. Dlten. Freiburg i. Bt.: 'Nutter I963. -
Thetesienstadt I94]-l9tt5. 1'Jas Antlitz einer Zwangsgemeinschafi. Geschichte,
SonicIogie, Psychologie. Tlibingen: Ivlohr I955 lfiivitas Cientium. Schrillen zur
Sozio|ogie und ...

Jean Baudrillard Live Theory

Author: Paul Hegarty
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1441121501
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Since the late 1970s Baudrillard has replaced this approach with a more fleeting,
instantaneous engagement, where writers such as Canetti or Nietzsche feature
briefly, suggestively. The range of references is, if anything, wider, but there is
little to follow up in terms of potential comparative analyses. Baudrillard's writing
attempts to live up to the promise of its being a thoroughgoing critique of all
accepted systematic thought, and to leave the conventions of academic writing

Elias Canetti S Counter Image Of Society

Author: Jóhann Páll Árnason
Publisher: Camden House
ISBN: 9781571131607
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Freud's Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego ( 1921 ) is for Moscovici
the one masterpiece of crowd theory.2 Canetti's silence on Freud, along with
Nietzsche, is particularly eloquent in Crowds and Power. He is not accorded the
recognition of citation and appears only in the context of Canetti's analysis of
Schreber's Memoirs in reference to "a well-known attempt to find the origins of his
particular illness, and of paranoia in general, in repressed homosexuality,"
followed by the ...

Narrative Strategies In Elias Canetti S Die Blendung And Masse Und Macht

Author: Hans-Jakob Werlen
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Nietzsche's statement which links individual autonomy to body training finds its
exemplary verification in the figure of Peter Kien. The return to the mass
coincides with the removal of these body-borders. The Dionysian for Nietzsche is
the loss of the rigid boundaries of the body: "Nur in dieser Hoffnung gibt es einen
Strahl von Freude auf dem Antlitze der zerrissenen, in Individuen zertrümmerten
Welt."28 The categories of autonomy and individuality are connected to cultural
structures ...

Germanic Notes And Reviews

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The Works: Themes and Genres: »The Faultiest Expressions Have the Greatest
Attraction«: Elias Canetti's Proverbial Aphorisms v. Wolfgang Mieder; Canetti's
Aufzeichnungen v. Sigurd Paul Scheichl; Staging a Critique of Modernism: Elias
Canetti's Plays v. Helga Kraft; »Gutes Reisende sind herzlos«: Canetti in
Marrakesh v. Harriet Murphy; Space in Elias Canetti's Autobiographical Trilogy v.
Irene Stocksieker Di Maio. Philosophy and Social Thought: Canetti and
Nietzsche: An ...

Metaphor As Thought In Elias Canetti S Masse Und Macht

Author: David Scott
Publisher: Lang, Peter, AG, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften
ISBN: 9783906759098
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Diese Merkmale werden abermals in willkurliche, ihnen ganz unwesen- hafte
Laute verfaßt, mit denen die Seele denkt.38 Like Herder, Nietzsche does not see
truth as inhering in a Kantian "Ding an sich". Words are at once "ideas and as
such never represent an actual original experience but a range of similar but
unequal instances or situations"39. By gradually "forgetting" the differences in
actual experience of a reality such as, for example, leaves, man deceives himself
into ...