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Mechanical Engineers' Handbook Lionel S. Marks, Editor This new Fifth Edition
of the well- known "Mark's Mechanical Engineers' Handbook" represents a
complete revision in which more than a hundred engineers, each a recognized
authority in his ... Fuels and Combustion Handbook Allen J. Johnson, Editor
George H. Auth, Associate Editor The objective of this practical handbook is to
bring together for ready reference representative factual material on fuels and

Technical Association Of The Pulp And Paper Industry

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$15. Mark's Mechanical Engineers Handbook requires no description for
individuals who keep a copy within easy reach. Sufficient is it to say that the
Revised Fifth Edition is ready. It is larger and more up to date than its
predecessors. It follows the precedent of the Chemical Engineers Handbook in
being issued in a larger format and more readable typography. In the past there
has been almost a tradition among publishers of voluminous handbooks to try to
approach pocket size and ...

Power Engineering

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Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 22nd Edition, 1937-1938; 2090 pages, 4J4
by 6A in., complete cross index, bound in flexible fabricoid, price $6.00. The
Chemical Rubber Co., Cleveland, O. Charles D. Hodgman, Editor in Chief of this
handbook, was assisted by 173 leading specialists in the preparation of this
extremely complete and useful work, designed as a ready-reference book of
chemical and physical data for students, teachers and technicians. With but very
few pages ...


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Organised by Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Section of Technical Sciences;
and Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers: Budapest: Akad6miai Kiad6.
1972. £16-50. 1574pp. 24cm. HEAT AND ... Dusseldorf: VDI-Verlag GmbH, circa
1972. £1 -35. 1 chart in a 27cm. envelope. Metcalfe, F 621 102 Heat Engines and
Applied Heat for National Certificate Students (S.I. Metric Edition). 5th ed. London
: Cassell and Co. Ltd. 1972. £1 -25. 259pp. 21cm. HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY ...

New Technical Books

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PFB (117) A ready reference handbook for the practical worker and the
professional technician, made especially useful because it discusses simply and
without prejudice the characteristics of various commercial products of interest to
architects ... Particular efforts have been directed towards the development of
analogies between electrical, mechanical and acoustical systems, because
engineers have found that the reduction of a vibrating system to the equivalent
electrical circuit is a ...

Canadian Mining Journal

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Reviews of individual companies of - fer a handy reference to production,
earnings, dividends, ore reserves, directors, and significant developments
minewise, enabling investors to make ready appraisals of issues. Besides ... In its
modern, expanded form, the new reference voume contains over 75,- 000 terms
used in everyday practice by civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers — an
increase of 70 per cent over the previous edition. ... + + + Handbook of Chemistry
and Physics .

The Publisher

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By J. W. M. Sothern, M.I.E.S., M.I.Mar.E., etc. Fifth Edition. Revised, re-arranged
and re-classified. 1,134 pp. 716 lllus. Med. 8vo, cl. Two volumes. Net 50s.
BOILER-HOUSE PRACTICE. A Text-Book for Engineers of Small Industrial Plants
, Steam Users, Boiler Attendants and Engineering Students. By E. Pull, R.N.R.,
M.I.Mech.E., M.I.Mar.E. 192 pp. lllus. Cr. 8vo, cl. RELATIVITY. Relativity and "
Robinson." A people. By C. W. W. 126 pp. SHEET METAL WORK By William
Neubecker. 360 pp.


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“Students of mechanics will here find, in a form convenient for ready reference, a
rich store of information contributed by skilled technicians upon all sorts and
conditions of mechanical subjects. The book ... NEw AND CHEAPER EDITION.
7s.6d. 2. Practical Electricity. A Laboratory and Lecture Course for First Year
Students of Electrical Engineering. By Prof. W. E. AvnTox, F.R.S., etc. Completely
CELLs. With 247 ...