Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry

Author: J. E. House
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Experimental support for such a process is found in the fact that hydrogen atoms
of the coordinated ammonia molecules are acidic enough to undergo some
deuterium exchange in D2O. Also, if there are no ... House, J. E. (1993).
Coordination Chemistry Review 128, 175-191. A review of the literature on
reactions that involve the loss of volatile ligands from solid complexes. House,
J. E. (1997). Principles of Chemical Kinetics. WCB/McGraw-Hill, Dubuque, IA.
Discussions of many ...

Australian Journal Of Chemistry

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The chemistry of oxo- and thio-Mo/W complexes with sulfur donor ligands is of
interest from several perspectives. These include their use in novel alkyne/S-
donor ligand melding reactions leading to new coordination and organometallic
species'1'4' and the relevance of their chemistry, particularly their oxygen-atom
transfer chemistry, to enzyme systems.'5-6' Complexes of the type Tp*MoE(
S2CNR2) (E = 0, S; R = Me, Et, Pr;Tp* = tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-l-yl)hydroborate)
were first ...

The Chemistry Of Petroleum Derivatives

Author: Carleton Ellis
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In the first stage, the diluted acid liquor is distilled to obtain an azeotropic ternary
mixture of alcohol-water-polymer composition. ... The vapors are contacted with
the catalyst at the rate of 2 to 5 volumes of alcohol (liquid) "A. J. van Peski and
W. C. B. Smithuysen, U. S. P. 1.954,506, April 10, 1934, to Shell Development Co
.; Brit. Chem. Abs. B, 1935. 182; Chem. Abs., 1934. 28, 3740. French P. 758.141.
1934, to Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij ; Chem. Abs., 1934. 28, 3079.
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Bulletin Of The Chemical Society Of Japan

Author: Nihon Kagakkai
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Direct synthesis of organonitrogen compounds from molecular nitrogen and a
relatively cheap organic feedstock is an attractive field in the chemistry of
nitrogen fixation. We have already ... R^OO) at 50oC.u The ligating dinitrogen is
first protonated by alcohols to give intermediate complexes [W(OR)2(NNH2)(
PMe2Ph)3]. In the presence of ketones, the intermediate complexes are more
amenable to the condensation with ketones8 than to the protonation at the
terminal nitrogen atom.


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Reprinted from Canadian journal of chemistry, v. 43, p. 1560-1568, 1965. no. 290
. Surface ... First ed. 1958, published by the Dept. of Economic Affairs. $5. OP
CP66-1167 no. 294. Hydrogen atom abstraction from ethyleneimine and ... $1. 65
-5. Chemical analyses of groundwaters of east-central Alberta, by E.G. Le Breton
and A. Vanden Berg. 1965. 75c. W.C.B. news bulletin, v. 5; 1965. Edmonton,
1965. 6 no. illns. (pan col.) ports. 25 cm. bimonthly. Title varies: v. 1, no. 1,
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P /A^Wv! innien*a" Panel Climate Change [V,s'ted t lpccch/ l,mentati cb'0si and its
Ptod his Wcb site provides a repositorv for reports and dot - The IPcfi.rr,PoncllCcd
bV the Intergovernmental Panel' on Climate Change Peac ' c°vvi nt gr°ups as
well as ciata on climate and environment founded ... After revie 40-5232), this
reviewer adopted the w< irsi n «^-oUege, MD j fi]ls a uni(juc to t=>ioinorganic
chemistry because or in organic chemistry knowledge After review-in the first
edition (CH, ...

British Abstracts

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Both types of crystal were sound, although interstitial atoms were possible. C. B.
North. Extraction and refining of germanium and gallium. A. R. Powell, F. M.
Lever, and R. E. Walpole (/. appl. Chem., Land., 1951, 1, 541 — 551). —
Processes for the recovery of Ge and Ga from flue dusts (1) and from germanite (
2) are described. In (1) the rare elements are obtained in a metallic regulus by
smelting. The regulus is dissolved in FeCl3 solution with a current of Cl2 and
crude GeClj is ...