The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

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Wood, Deanes (.;) I90S~ The highway to tomorrow. .Kansas City? Mo., 1944, 25
p. 23cm. -Çopjrriebl Feheaary. 1««, kf Dean Wood." NW 0425746 DU NN Wooo,
йшлШ Ward. Chicago and its distinguished citizens; or, The progress of forty
years. Being a record of the important events in the history of Chicago, and a
description of its industries, professions and societies, together with biographical
sketches of prominent citizens. Ed. bv David Ward Wood... Chicago, M. George ft
company ...

Portrait And Biographical Record Of Cook And Dupage Counties Illinois

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Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens of
the County, Together with Biographies and Portraits of All the Presidents of the
United States. what the right did. He was firm in his convictions and free to ... Said
an old pioneer of Chicago, ' ' He was the soul of honor; he never did a mean thing
in his life; there never was a life that yielded so much pure wheat and as little
chaff as that of Judge Murray. ' ' He was considered one of the leading and
brainiest ...

Portrait And Biographical Record Of Dupage And Cook Counties Illinois Containing Biographical Sketches Of Prominent And Representative Citizens Of The County Together With Biographies And Portraits Of All The Presidents Of The United States

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It was worth something to have known such a man, to have been his companion
for days or years, and to have seen his inner life, which is the real life of many
men. Among his ... Said an old pioneer of Chicago, ' ' He was the soul of honor;
he never did a mean thing in his life; there never was a life that yielded so much
pure wheat and as little chaff as that of Judge Murray. ... At the time of his death,
Mr. Murray enjoyed the distinguished honor of being the oldest living settler of

The Chicago Legal News

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I am proud of his record as a man and as an honored citizen of Chicago, and I am
grateful for the example of his life and character. We owe a tribute of respect to
the late Isaac ... to occupy his attention and to engage his pen. Independent of
the books he had written and published, he was the author of a great number of
sketches, papers, biographies, and reviews, many of which have been published,
and all of them are interesting and valuable in a personal and historical point of

Bibliotheca Americana

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2 00 3138 New York City. Valentine (D. T.) History of the City of New York. Map
8vo. pp. 404. New York, 1853. 2 50 3139 Wealth and Biography of the Wealthy
Citizens. 8vo. pp. 32, paper. N. Y., 1846. 50 3140 Wood (Fernando.) Biography of
. A History of the Forgeries, ... H olden (A. W.) A History of the Town of
Queensbury, with Biographical Sketches of many of its Distinguished Men and
some Account of the Aborigines of Northern New York. 8vo. pp. 519. Albany,
N. Y., 1874.

The Journal Of Education

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Philadelphia and Chicago: P. W. Zeigler & Co. 1877. Our Centennial has been
very fruitful in a class of literature which will not live very long beyond the year of
its birth, and which was intended only as a popular representation of certain
phases of the Exhibition. These souvenirs have a temporary or a permanent
value, in accordance with their comparative excellence in execution, as well as
truthfulness of design. The work in our hands is one of those outgrowths, and one
of the best ...