Climate Change And The Health Of Nations

Author: Anthony McMichael
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190262958
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Tony McMichael, a renowned epidemiologist and a pioneer in the field of how human health relates to climate change, is the ideal guide to this phenomenon, and in his magisterial Climate Change and the Health of Nations, he presents a ...

Author: Jared M. Diamond
ISBN: 9789747799149
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Climate Change And Global Health

Author: Colin Butler
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 1780648588
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This authoritative book brings together international experts to describe both direct (such as heat waves) and indirect (such as vector-borne disease incidence) impacts of climate change, set in a broad, international, economic, political ...

National Security And Human Health Implications Of Climate Change

Author: Harindra Joseph Fernando
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400724306
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v This NATO Advanced Research Workshop was aimed at examining the
relationship between Climate Change, Human Health and (Inter) National
Security. The subject is widely discussed internationally both at the military and at
the civilian level. A plethora of movie fictions have illustrated a great variety of
possible scenarios. The direct impact of climate change on health has been
shown and accepted. The CO2 levels are now the highest of the last 500,000
years, the global ...

Renewable Energy For Sustainable Development In The Asia Pacific Region

Author: Philip J. Jennings
Publisher: Amer Inst of Physics
ISBN: 9780735404540
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Climatic changes over recent decades have probably already affected some
health outcomes. Indeed, a heat wave killed approximately 20,000 people in
Europe in 2003. The World Health Organisation estimated in its "World Health
Report 2002", that climate change was estimated to be responsible in 2000 for
approximately 2.4% of worldwide diarrhoea, 6% of malaria in some middle-
income countries and 7% of dengue fever in some industrialized countries. In
total, the attributable ...

The Medical Press And Circular

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The recognition of this law, and the practical application of it to the dietaries of a
community, are obviously of great advantage, for not only would they tend to
increase the health and strength of the population, but they would also effect a
great ... The principal form of the scourgj was known as the contagious famine
fever, and it spread, not merely from end to end of the country in which it had
originated, but, breaking through all boundaries, it crossed the broad ocean, and
made itself ...

Law And Global Health

Author: Michael Freeman
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191003468
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And our pilot programme is so successful that we are scaling up this year to offer
the programme to a population base of 3 million people. Eight short years ago,
when we started this organization ... fever is following, all because of global
warming. Indeed, the Lancet has recognized that global warming (climate
change) is the greatest global health threat of the twentyfirst century.25 We come
full circle when we realize that in Darfur, Sudan, it is global warming that drives
competition ...

Public Health And Infectious Diseases

Author: Jeffrey Griffiths
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 012381507X
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As they arise, they require social, public health, and medical mobilization as well
as the diversion of human and financial resources away from other medical and
societal problems. In many cases ... As the global climate changes, so does the
environment which can support not only the pathogens, but also the vectors
responsible for their transmission. Upland ... Behavior at the societal level
includes the breakdown of public health barriers by poverty, war, and famine. The
political will ...

Global Climate Change

Author: Paul McCaffrey
Publisher: Hw Wilson Company
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Continental Divide Why Africa's Climate Change Burden Is Greater By Scott
Fields Environmental Health Perspectives, August 2005 Africa can easily be said
to contribute the least of any continent to global warming. Each year Africa
produces an average of just over 1 metric ton of the greenhouse gas carbon
dioxide per person, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's International
Energy Annual 2002. The most industrialized African countries, such as South
Africa, generate ...

World Climate News

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research topic needs inputs from many disciplines, including climatology,
geography, epidemiology, physiology and anthropology. Epidemiologists have
traditionally viewed the influences of weather and climate on health as part of the
natural backdrop to life—as something to make statistical adjustment for in
studies of (for example) the health effects of urban air pollution or of seasonal
dietary variations.