Rocks And Minerals In Thin Section Second Edition

Author: W.S. MacKenzie
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 135165053X
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The Second Edition of this concise, clear, and handy-sized volume, highly respected and successful authors explain to the reader, with the help of 180 superb color photomicrographs, how to observe, describe and identify thin section samples ...

Carbonate Sediments And Rocks Under The Microscope

Author: Anthony Adams
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1840765402
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A Colour Atlas Anthony Adams, Ian R. MacKenzie. ferroan) Calcite (ferroan) (
relief reduced) Considerable (relief reduced) Pink to red-brown Pale to deep blue
depending on Mauve to blue Dolomite (non-ferroan) Dolomite (ferroan)
Negligible (relief maintained) Negligible (relief maintained) None None iron
content None Very pale blue Unstained Very pale blue (appears turquoise or
greenish in 1 3–5 Grain mount thin section, Quaternary, Arabian Gulf, × 30,.
Mineral Calcite (non- ...

Petrology Of The Metamorphic Rocks

Author: R. Mason
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780045520275
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Study the photomicrographs in McKenzie & Guildford's 'Atlas of the rock- forming
minerals in thin section' (1980), especially the illustrations of minerals such as
kyanite, diopside, wollastonite and hornblende, for excellent colour illustrations of
the appearance of typical metamorphic minerals in metamorphic rocks. To
improve your ability to identify minerals and record textures, make your own
drawings of thin sections, showing all the minerals in the rock's mineral

74th Conference On Glass Problems

Author: S. K. Sundaram
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118932943
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Winchell, A.N. and Winchell, H., The Microscopical Characters of Artificial
Inorganic Solid Substances: Optical Properties of Artificial Minerals, Academic
Press, New York, 1964 5. Pohl, F.H., A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals,
Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1976 6. MacKenzie, W.S. and Adams, A.E., AColor
Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section, Wiley Halstead Press, New York,
1994 7. Mange, M.A. and Maurer, H.F.W., Heavy Minerals in Colour, Chapman &
Hall, London, 1992 ...

Catalogue Of The Special Loan Collection Of Scientific Apparatus At The South Kensington Museum Mdccclxxvi

Author: South Kensington Museum
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16), then to the military atlas 1:50,000 (No. 18), and lastly to the scale of those
published 1:100,000 (1–11). Each original sheet may be obtained for the actual
cost of production. The collection of thin sections illustrates the method of
collecting and examining, large numbers of slices from the same rock and locality
being prepared. The accompanying plate shows sections of a few of the most
important of these rocks magnified and printed in colours. 3317. Collection of
Hand Specimens ...

Geology Of The Eureka District Nevada

Author: Arnold Hague
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With an Atlas Arnold Hague. HORNBLENDE-MICA-ANDESITE. 367 quartz grains
form a constituent of the groundmass in the crystalline forms of the rock and are
determinable as such in thin section 41; they are more numerous in thin section
35. They also occur in small ... Apatite is especially well developed in stout
hexagonal prisms with a pyramidal te'mination and occasionally the base, a
beautiful example being found in thin section 37, Fig. 4, Pl. III. They are dusted
gray in the ...