Complicity With Evil

Author: Adam LeBor
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300135149
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This is evinced, author and journalist Adam LeBor maintains, in a May 1995 document from Yasushi Akashi, the most senior UN official in the field during the Yugoslav wars, in which he refused to authorize air strikes against the Serbs for ...

This Thing Of Darkness

Author: Richard Paul Hamilton
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042011380
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VVe cannot make sense of the evil,doer's motives, largely because to do so
would be to welcome him or her back into our world. Great literature recognizes
this; academia, as it is currently organized, does not. Academic discussions of
evil seem preoccupied with the desire to fill in the gaps, offering substitute
motives, often in the form of a functional explanation. Much good can be done by
such a procedure, particularly in helping us to understand complicity.
Nevertheless, even the ...

Evil And The Cross

Author: Henri Blocher
Publisher: Kregel Academic
ISBN: 9780825420764
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They reject the excuse provided by the idea of the necessity of evil within
universal order. They avoid confusing evil with a metaphysical ingredient of
reality. Their strategy consists of clearing God of any suspicion of complicity with
evil by isolating the point of origin of evil, that is to say, freedom, by designating it
as absolutely the first cause of all the horrifying disorder, and by portraying God
as having nothing whatever to do with the event from any point of view and in any

James Bond And Philosophy

Author: James B. South
Publisher: Open Court
ISBN: 0812698169
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If our choices are all implicated in evil, what can guide them? Adorno's
suggestion is that “Any attempt on the part of the individual to consider what he or
she as an individual ought to do is a completely pointless exercise,” and all we
can really do is try to “maintain shreds of our subjectivity and spontaneity” and “to
cultivate reflection” relative to our complicity with evil. (Geuss, p. 56). A
philosopher might be able to follow this advice, but not a man of action such as
James Bond. It is, after ...

Reasons For Our Hope

Author: H. Wayne House
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 0805444815
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Evil. The title of this chapter, “The Problem of Evil,” may appear somewhat
misleading. For what one refers to as “the” problem of evil may assume countless
forms and fuel an enormous variety of arguments. An atheist, for example, might
argue ... In thinking about the problems of evil, therefore, one ought never to
assume that a single argument or manner of approaching the subject will suffice
to answer every skeptic's accusations about the Christian God's supposed
complicity in evil.

The Surplus Of Meaning

Author: Theodoor Marius van Leeuwen
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789062037636
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... man's iniquity is not only the source of creativity. It is also, and primarily,
fallibility1 . Man's 'not being at one with himself makes wrong-doing possible.
That was how far a structural-anthropological analysis came in understanding
evil. We know, however, that we are not only fallible, but actually doing wrong.
Life is characterized by the experiences of 'being oneself but alienated from
oneself (SE 8; fr 1 5), of complicity in evil, of living in a world of evil structures.
Nothing seems to have ...

Kantian Reason And Hegelian Spirit

Author: Gary Dorrien
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444355899
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... Word's being-for-self; Hegel sympathized that Christianity had to struggle to
keep them out of the Godhead, which would have led to a Quaternity at least.
Adding the fallen angels to the Godhead would have been even worse. But evil is
a terrible problem that, perversely, deepens in some ways with the growth of self-
consciousness, Hegel acknowledged. Religious picture-thinking tends to relieve
God of any complicity in evil, except to the extent that it attributes a wrathful side
to God.

The Queens College Journal Of Jewish Studies

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13 Adam Lebor, Complicity with Evil, (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006),
p. 29-31. 14 Ibid., p. 31. 15 See Roy Gutman,-<4 Witness to Genocide: The 1993
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Dispatches on the "Ethnic Cleansing" of Bosnia, (New
York: Lisa Drew Books, 1993). 1 6 "UN Security Council resolutions 770 and 77 1
- Transcript," US Department of State Dispatch, August 17, 1 992, Available from
<>, [12.9.07].

The Christian Consumer

Author: Laura M. Hartman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199912513
Size: 43.64 MB
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twofold: insofar as possible, to avoid complicity with evil, and to urge others to do
likewise, individually and collectively.”65 Thus, when Woolman would stay at the
houses of Friends who kept slaves, enjoying the free hospitality that Quakers
gave to one another, he felt this twofold obligation. Woolman engaged in earnest
discussion with his slave-holding hosts, attempting to persuade them to free their
slaves; however, to receive their hospitality represented complicity with the evil of

Faith Form And Fashion

Author: Paul Helm
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630874051
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Why is this? He does not say, but perhaps it is because the language of the
Confession is negative language; it tell us what the divine decree of evil does not
imply, offering no explanation, while Vanhoozer is seeking to provide a positive
account of God's apparent complicity in evil. Or maybe it is because he thinks that
the Confession's approach is “monologic.” What of the particularly difficult case of
Pharaoh's hardening? How does this fit into the dialogical scheme? It follows at
once ...