Concept Of The Corporation

Author: Daniel Elazar
Publisher: Routledge
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The themes this volume addresses go far beyond the business corporation, into a consideration of the dynamics of the so-called corporate state itself.

Between Two Ages

Author: William Van Dusen Wishard
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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The 21St Century and the Crisis of Meaning William Van Dusen Wishard.
BETWEEN TWO AGES 6167-WISH 79 think of both present and future with a
clear conception of their significance; and preparation for the moral issues which
will constantly present themselves to him in practice.” (Wallace B. Donham, circa
1927.) One of the moral issues to which Donham referred was the relationship
between the business corporation and society at large. A vast change in this
relationship was ...

Modern Corporation And American Political Thought

Author: Scott Bowman
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 9780271044132
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... though not an essential aspect of incorporation until the nineteenth century,
may also be included in this list of legal attributes.6 The American legal
community had inherited from English law only a juristic concept of the
corporation that applied more or less equally to all types of incorporated bodies.
Curiously, the nation that had colonized the New World and established a trading
empire through the medium of the corporation had yet to develop a legal theory
of corporate enterprise.

The Academic Corporation

Author: Edwin D. Duryea
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113568670X
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The former became the legal system of the church, and the latter that of English
common law. In this manner English leaders separated the concerns of the
church from those of secular administration. During the fourteenth and fifteenth
centuries English jurisprudence slowly digested the concept of a corporation and,
under Henry VIII, integrated it into common law. From England, corporate law
accompanied the early settlers to North America where it sustained the use of
charters for the ...

Re Creating The Corporation

Author: Russell L. Ackoff
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199839421
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Environmental Unit (marketing/advocacy) • Planning Boards (policy making
bodies) • Management Support System (control) The second level will be the
internal structure of the store itself, which will be organized along the same
concept as the corporation, having the five dimensions as does the larger system.
• Output Units (departments) • Input Units (front end; receiving) • Environmental
Unit (local business development and advocacy) • Planning Boards (policy
making bodies) ...

Is The Good Corporation Dead

Author: John W. Houck
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780847682096
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The column I wrote was meant to be a kind of an obituary for the good
corporation. What I mean by the good corporation is a large business enterprise
that marries social responsibility and economic efficiency. The history of this
concept of the corporation reveals that the origins of the good corporation go
back to the early decades of this century, especially the 1920s. American
executives in the decades of 1910-29 were trying to accommodate trends in
public opinion that were violently ...

Summary Re Inventing The Corporation

Author: BusinessNews Publishing
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New social values are emerging as people move away from an authoritarian
model to an individualistic model. 2. Economic necessity generated by global
economic imperatives as the economy changes from industrial to information
based. As a result, corporations must restructure the way they carry out business.
In other words, the concept of the corporation as a business units must be re-
invented if the corporationistoremainthebuilding block of the business
infrastructure. Lying at the ...

The Rise Of The American Business Corporation

Author: R. Tedlow
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1136462775
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Those division superintendents depicted in Exhibit 1 were indeed what Chandler
has called them — a new species of economic man. They were professional
managers who worked for a company in which they had little if any equity interest
. Thus, these developments did establish a new paradigm in American business.
But there was still a very long distance between McCallum's concept of the
corporation's structure and function and that which we have today. Of the many
issues ...

A Functioning Society

Author: Peter F. Drucker
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412814111
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The two main parts of my 1946 book, Concept of the Corporation (a study of
General Motors—GM—then, as now, the world's largest manufacturing company)
, were titled respectively “The Cor— poration as Human Effort” and “The
Corporation as a Social Institution.” Fifty-five years ago these titles were shockers
—meant to be as such and seen as such. Within GM the entire book was
extremely controversial, was indeed considered by many GM executives to be
ultra-critical if not ...