Confessions Of A Heretic

Author: Roger Scruton
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1910749362
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How should we achieve a timely death against the advances of modern medicine? How should environmental policies be shaped by the government? This provocative collection seeks to answer the most pressing problems of our age.

Selected Essays

Author: Vi͡acheslav Ivanovich Ivanov
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 9780810115224
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But we do not want a sect; our confession is universal [sobornyi].39 Indeed, a real
Symbolist is concerned, of course, not with the fate of what is usually called a
school or movement (as defined by chronological limits and the names of its
leading ... There are various types of aesthetic heresy; for example, the heresy of
social utilitarianism is still alive, however surprising one might find its vitality to be
, and in my opinion, it has found its most recent supporter in Russia in the person
of ...


Author: Jerome Tuccille
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595384293
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In this eye-opening memoir, author Jerome Tuccille shares the story of his intensely personal struggle with the Roman Catholic Church.

Selected Essays

Author: Maurice Harmon
Publisher: Irish Academic Pr
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There, walled by heresy, my fears Were solved. I had absolved myself: Feast-day
effulgence, as though I gained For life a plenary indulgence. Clarke does this
well. The poem draws upon personal experience, is exact in its use of detail and
defines the moment. The note of self-mockery in the description of the confession
prepares for the surge of freedom at the end, when, in a great natural baptism, his
entire world is washed clear of fear, guilt, and confinement: The sun came out,
new ...

Selected Essays On Constitutional Law Book 2 Limitations On Governmental Power

Author: Douglas Blount Maggs
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To this list might be added the celebration in public schools of Christmas and
Easter as religious occasions for evangelical purposes, the compulsory
attendance of dissenters in the public schools and prevention of their attendance
in parochial schools, and finally the prohibition of the teaching of evolution in
schools. 22 To Moslems and especially to the believing Jew, the use of these
words is heresy in violent conflict with his confession of faith. For such refusal to
express belief in the ...

Confessions Of A Reluctant Theorist

Author: Walter Garrison Runciman
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selected essays of W.G. Runciman Walter Garrison Runciman. significant
innovation in metalworking, pottery, textiles, mining or ... recruits to be promoted
from the ranks of the ordinary villani. Violent though the changes of the preceding
centuries had been, the prospect of heresy and suppression, reformation and
counter-reformation, religious warfare between one region and another or
forcible dispossession of the monasteries was very remote from mid eleventh-
century England.

Selected Writings Of John A Hobson 1932 1938

Author: John M Hobson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136849440
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The writings presented in this volume contain, to our knowledge, some of the very
few lectures and essays written by Hobson that remain unpublished. There are
three core reasons for making them available to a wider audience. First, interest
in Hobson's ideas has escalated in the last twenty years, especially within
International Relations (IR) and politics, political economy and the history of
ideas more generally. Second, many of the issues that confronted Hobson and
which he ...

Selected Essays Of William Hazlitt

Author: William Hazlitt
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... and thoughtless Reformers in religion and politics, and all ye, whether poets or
philosophers, heroes or sages, inventors of arts or sciences, patriots, benefactors
of the human race, enlighteners and civilisers of the world, who have (so far)
reduced opinion to reason, and power to law, who are the cause that we no
longer burn witches and heretics at slow fires, that the thumbscrews are no
longer applied by ghastly, smiling judges, to extort confession of imputed crimes
from sufferers ...

Confession Of A Catholic

Author: Michael Novak
Publisher: Harper San Francisco
Size: 16.39 MB
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