Cuff Me

Author: Lauren Layne
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1455561223
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ME. “Layne launches the New York's Finest contemporary romance series with
this stellar example of the genre. Ava and Luc's sparks are immediate, and the
evolution of their relationship—which starts with little common ground except a
dedication to singlehood—is stimulating and realistic. They negotiate their
professional and romantic interactions with banter that's clever but not
selfsatisfied, and their moment of truth feels warm and real. Fans of slightly gritty
contemporaries will ...

The Good Policeman

Author: Jerome Charyn
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453251626
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He wore a clean shirt and his best cologne. He arrived at Michaelson's ...
Michaelson had a mandate from the governor and Becky Karp to get at the bad
guys who worked for the City of New York. And the governor had ... “You're the
hero of New York.” “Well, either cuff me, or leave me alone.” “It's not as simple as
all that,” Michaelson said. And the Three Sisters surrounded Isaac with all their
splendid height. “You've become an embarrassment,” Selma said. “You've put
yourself right in ...

New York Magazine

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BEST. BETS. The best of all possible things to buy, see, and do in the best of all
possible cities. By Corky Pollan ... slim crossword • puzzle books into your beach
bag along with your suntan lotion, and you can stretch your mind while you tan
your hide. Jacobson has been New York's crossword puzzler for the last seven
years; now she's compiled her favorites in ... center, Andrew Garn; left, Paul
Lachenauer. Green On Me In great-grandma's day, everything had its place. by
Corky Pollan.

New York Magazine

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But as shirts toned down, cuff links evolved, and by the Deco period, animals,
minerals, and sporting motifs could be found at a man's wrist. With French cuffs
making a comeback, there's more and more interest in cuff links (and even a
book, Cuff Links, published by Abrams). For the very best ones, you could pay
many thousands of dollars. But for much less, stylish men can wear their passion,
wit, or favorite pup on their sleeve. A WHITE-GLOVED DOORMAN USHERED
ME into the ...

Recollections In Tranquility

Author: Richard Joseph O'Prey
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465323279
Size: 15.57 MB
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Of course they spotted him almost immediately and took him in cuffs to the
Bathgate Avenue Station house across from St. Joseph's. Since my father was a
sergeant there, I was well familiar with the place. Russell's mother called me
complaining that neighbors saw Russell cuffed and brought into a police car, but
when she called the station house, nobody apparently knew anything about the
young man. Ever suspicious of New York's Finest, as were most of the adults in
Morrisania, ...

Elite Techniques In Shoulder Arthroscopy

Author: John D. Kelly IV
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319251031
Size: 16.28 MB
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New Frontiers in Shoulder Preservation John D. Kelly IV ... a patient's quality of
life. However, the literature also demonstrates that rotator cuff tears repaired
using the current best practices have a high rate of failure and re-tear, widely
reported to be from 20% to over 90% [2, 3]. ... This high rate of repair failure in
spite J.-M.E. Caldwell, MD • W.N. Levine, MD (*) Department of Orthopaedic
Surgery, New York Presbyterian—Columbia University Medical Center, New
York, NY, USA e-mail: ...

New York Magazine

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me with a credit card?" Courtney asks. As he returned to police work, Courtney
began to have troubles with his girlfriend to match those he had with MasterCard.
He held little hope for anything better in the future, and he came to conclude that
he was the ... Then came the rainy morning at the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel and
the lieutenant's mantra for this new and gloomy era. ... suspects already in cuffs,
and the best he could do was interview some witnesses and type up a few

New York Magazine

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Leslie's ballet talents, like Emilia's, brought her to New York, where she was
taken under the wing of a great ballerina and was catapulted to stardom. But
unlike Emilia, Leslie had parents who were divorced, and her relationship with
them was troubled at best. Rumors about a real-life romance with Turning Point
co-star Mikhail ... People envy me, but they don't know what it has been like to
learn to live with this." Leslie's sensitivity to public expectations further intensified
her feelings of ...

The Mammoth Book Of The Best Of Best New Horror

Author: Stephen Jones
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1849014388
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“Welcome news,” I said, and stepped around the screen. “But I must be assured
—” It was as if the detritus of New York City's half dozen filthiest living quarters
had been scooped up, shaken, and dumped into my office. ... “Variety is, as they
say, life's condiment,” said Mr Clubb, and handed me the glass. I said, “You have
made yourselves quite at home.” “I thank you for your restraint,” said Mr Clubb. “In
which sentiment my partner agrees, am I correct, Mr Cuff?” “Entirely,” said Mr Cuff

Montgomery Ward Co Catalogue And Buyers Guide 1895

Author: Montgomery Ward
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1602392382
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Jüach. .45 Per dozen . . . . . . . . . . . 4 90 32.464 Men's White Shirts, unlaundered,
double re-enforced front and back, continuous facing on cuffs and back, made of
New York mills muslin. ... 10.25 32472 Men's White Shirts, laundered, re-
enforced front and back, continuous facing on 1 back and cuff, butchers' linen
back on bosom, One of the best made. Fach. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 ... Men's
White and Fancy Dress Shirts, 32479 Me 11's White Shirts eff :32:48 1. White
Shirts, # full dress,' ...