Declassified Black Projects

Author: Robert B Durham
ISBN: 1329071905
Size: 39.99 MB
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Declassified Black Projects is a curated collection of previously highly classified military/defense projects. These Black Projects were unacknowledged publicly by the government, military personnel, or defense contractors at the time.

Hidden Figures Unerkannte Heldinnen

Author: Margot Lee Shetterly
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 3959676433
Size: 72.38 MB
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Dies ist ihre Geschichte. "Mit dieser unglaublich mitreißenden und vielschichtigen Erzählung zeigt Shetterly ihr Können. Die Geschichte begeistert in allen Aspekten." Booklist


Author: John Topping
Publisher: Longstreet Press
ISBN: 9781563526916
Size: 15.32 MB
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He knew about the "black" section of the Pentagon's budget. But the President
and several members of the Congress were kept briefed on those "black" projects
. The hypersonic stealth replacement for the SR 7 1 Blackbird had been
developed as a black program. Jason had also read about several acts
undertaken by the British during World War II that they had finally declassified.
But Jason had never heard of a double-black project. Jason deplored the thought
of unchecked power ...

Torchwood Declassified

Author: Rebecca Williams
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857734350
Size: 20.45 MB
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She is currently working on an AHRCfunded project, 'Children and Amateur
Media in Scotland'. She is an editor of the film and television studies journal,
Screen. Jeannette Vermeulen majored ... Her essay 'When White Boys Write
Black: A Comparison of Race Representation on Doctor Who during the Tenure
of two Different WriterProducers' appears in Doctor Who and Race: An Anthology
(2013). She is the author of The Encyclopedia of Women in Aviation and Space
and has been ...

Area 51

Author: Peter W. Merlin
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738576206
Size: 27.35 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The author believes Area 51 to be exactly what it claims to be: a place where aeronautical military research takes place.

Migs Over Nevada

Author: T. D. Barnes
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781517369934
Size: 69.31 MB
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In October 2013, the CIA declassified these projects and approved the author's printing of this book. MiGs over Nevada does more than document the exploitation of the MiG-17F Fresco C, MiG-21F Fishbed, and the MiG-23 Flogger.

The Pulitzer Prizes

Author: Kendall J. Wills
Publisher: Touchstone
Size: 51.45 MB
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Senators overseeing military and intelligence affairs have greater access. Two of
those in the know, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Les Aspin (D.,
Wis.) and ranking minority member William Dickinson (R., Ala.), think the
Pentagon's secrecy is unjustified. They have said 70 percent of the black budget
could be declassified at no risk to national security. Black budget is the
Pentagon's own term for projects it hides from public view by classifying their
titles, their costs or their ...

Pound S Cantos Declassified

Author: Philip Furia
Publisher: Pennsylvania State Univ Pr
Size: 41.30 MB
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Jefferson's canalizing projects ranged from the cultivation of imported animals
and hybrid plants to the opening of diplomatic channels with "Emperor (
Alexander)" of Russia. One significant project ... All of this blockage and black-out
furthers the historical conspiracy that John Adams describes at the opening of
Canto 33, a "despotism" that either destroys or corrupts "all records" (33/160).
Already, Adams ... Revolution. Their suspicions prompt Pound to cut 54 Pound's
Cantos Declassified.