Focus On Germanic Typology

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As in other contexts of resumption in Lebanese Arabic, the weak RP related to
the LDed NP, the dislocate, is insensitive to islands: (5) Smost ?onno Naadya
reht [man duun ma heard.1SG that Nadia left2SG.M without C tohke mas-a].
talking.2SG with-her 'I heard that Nadia, you left without talking to her.' Wh-
movement and topicalization (when not accompanied by an RP) behave much as
they do in English and are sensitive to islands. Both Wh-movement and
topicalization are ...

The Syntax Of Multiple Que Sentences In Spanish

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Note, similarly, that sentences with a mixed pattern are also grammatical, as
shown in (52a), (52b) and (52c), which respectively illustrate licit que + dislocate
+ dislocate + que + dislocate + que, que + dislocate + que + dislocate + dislocate
+ que, and que + dislocate + que + dislocate + que + dislocate combinations. (52)
a. Dijo que a su perro, Juan, que entonces, que no said that dom his dog John
that then that not lo va a vacunar cl. goes to vaccinate 'S/he said that as a result,
John ...

Exploring Expect

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Called dislocate, this script lets you start a process, interact with it for a while, and
then disconnect from it. Multiple disconnected processes live in the background
waiting for you to reconnect. This could be useful in a number of situations. For
example, a telnet connection to a remote site might be impossible to start during
the day. Instead you could start it in the evening the day before, disconnect, and
reconnect to it later the next morning. A process is started by prefacing any UNIX

Biological Foundations Of Linguistic Communication

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(45.3) organism uses his controlled bodily movements to dislocate objects near
him (45.4) organism uses his controlled bodily movements to dislocate his entire
body (45.5) organism uses his controlled bodily movements to dislocate first his
own body and then to dislocate an object which happens to be neai him then (
45.6) organism uses his controlled bodily movement to dislocate his own body in
order to approach an object which he then dislocates (45.7) organism uses his ...

Causes And Consequences Of Word Structure

Author: Jennifer Hay
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</def> Dislocate <def>To displace; to put out of its proper place. Especially, of a
bone: To remove from its normal connections with a neighboring bone; to put out
of joint; to move from its socket; to disjoint; <as>as, to <ex>dislocate</ex> your
bones</as> . </def> The word dishorn is maximally semantically transparent. It
has neither shifted nor proliferated in meaning. That it has not proliferated can be
evidenced by the small number of definitions associated with it. One index of the
fact ...

The Left Periphery

Author: Anne Sturgeon
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( Research on left
dislocation, beginning with Ross 1967, 1973; Rodman 1974/1997; and van
Riemsdijk and Zwarts 1974/1997,3 has focused on two questions: whether the
left dislocate is base-generated at the left periphery or moves there and how the
resumptive is introduced into the structure. Ross 1973 was among the first to note
that left dislocation is not a unitary construction. In some cases, German left
dislocation, ...

Dictionary Of The Alabama Language

Author: Cora Sylestine
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494 disagree—dislocate dismember—do 495. dirty: littihko. to be a little dirty,
messy, sloppy, unkempt, disheveled: taláamóosi to be just a little dirty, slightly
soiled: tállāami to be muddy (of earth), dirty (of water): hayihmo. to be unkempt,
messy, dirty, caked with mud: pasāali, to dirty the mouth by dribbling:
istilichootalaamichi, to get dirty, messy with (for example ice cream) by being
careless: istalaamichi to get (one's body) dirty, make dirty: litihkochi, to have a
dirty face: ibiisawa, ...

I 84 Construction From East Hartford To Manchester Hartford County

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Families Project hP-lél will dislocate 5 families in sinrle family homes. Project br-
lbé will not dislocate any families in either town. 2. Businesses Project b2-l6l will
dislocate a small motel with approximately l0 or l2 sleeein- units. Project b2-lbé
will not dislocate any businesses in either tOwn. 3. Farms Project b2~l6l will
dislocate one small farm with a roadside stand. Project b2-lbé will not dislocate
any farms in either town. 5. Non-Profit Ornanizatians There are none to be
displaced in ...

Dislocated Elements In Discourse

Author: Benjamin Shaer
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This meansthatthe dislocate and its host sentencearerelated to each other in
muchthesame way that twodistinct sentences are, throughprinciples that relate
pairsof discourse 'segments' in adiscourse. The restofthe chapteris organized as
follows.In Section 2,Ireviewanumber of wellknown contrasts between German
and English Iclass and Nclass structures, interpreting these asevidence thatin the
former but not latter structures the dislocate and host sentencebehave as a
grammatical ...