Thomas Hobbes

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Bramhall, J.: Castigations of Mr. Hobbes (London 1658), reprinted New York,
1997. Brugger, B. 1999: Republican Theory in Political Thought: Virtuous or
Virtual, Basingstoke. Buchanan, J. 1975: The Limits of Liberty. Between Anarchy
and Utopia, Chicago. Clarendon, First Earl of (Sir Edward Hyde), 1676: A Brief
View and Survey of the Dangerous and Pernicious Errors to Church and State, in
Mr. Hobbes's Book, Entitled Leviathan, London; reprinted in: Early Responses to
Hobbes, ...

The Routledge Guidebook To Hobbes Leviathan

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In part the latter response stemmed from the polemical urge to blacken Hobbes in
any way that his writings seemed to permit, but it also reflected a difference in the
way that his texts were read, that English readers took the political theory as part
of larger theologico-political ... CONCLUSION: HOBBES IN OUR TIME Though
this chapter has focused on early responses to Leviathan, I will briefly sketch
major more recent (that is, in the last hundred years or so) readings of the book.

Richard Baxter And The Mechanical Philosophers

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The antiprovidential materialism inherent in this view naturally led
contemporaries—whether for or against mechanical atheism.114 philosophy—to
On the other hand, associate even Epicureanism in the midst of with such
Hobbes polemics, and ... Early. Response. to. Hobbes's. Leviathan. Baxter did
not take an active interest in the early dissemination of the thought of Gassendi
and Descartes during the 1650s. However, his later response to mechanical
philosophy was surely colored ...

Hobbes Today

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As it happens, the decade in which Hobbes wrote his political philosophy was
also a decade in which the popular rejection of natural hierarchy and of the
heritability of authority and subjection was articulated with exceptional
trenchancy, especially ... was a traditional versus a radical understanding of the
underlying doctrine of natural equality and liberty. An early response ran: “The
Observator, pag. 1. saith, That power is originally inherent in the people, &c. To
this the answer is, that.

Aspects Of Hobbes

Author: Noel Malcolm
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Samuel Mintz, in what is still the only general study of the early reaction to
Hobbes's philosophy, commented especially on the power of Hobbes's English
prose style; to the continental critics, who would presumably have been
impervious to its attractions, he devoted just under three of the 156 pages of his
text.2 Yet it has long been known to Hobbes scholars that this English
philosopher had a thoroughly European intellectual formation: he read widely in
the universal language of ...


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Contemporary Responses to the Political Theory of Thomas Hobbes