Fire From First Principles

Author: Paul Stollard
Publisher: Routledge
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A Design Guide to International Building Fire Safety Paul Stollard. vent is on a flat
roof then the effect of wind blowing across it might be to create a suction effect
which would improve the effectiveness of the vent. However, if the vents are on a
flat roof, and particularly ... 5.17 Mechanical and natural ventilation Another
principal which the designer must not forget is the provision of inlet air to replace
the smoke which it is intended to ventilate. Without the provision for replacement
air to be ...

Safety Design Criteria For Industrial Plants

Author: Maurizio Cumo
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849363832
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Concerning the letting in of air, it must take place directly from the outside or from
sectors communicating with the outside and the inlet surface must never be
smaller than that for extraction. The vents must be located so as to allow the
smoke flux to move freely towards the outside without obstacles and without
causing danger of propagation of fire. In several-storied buildings natural
ventilation can still be applied by arranging small openings for letting in and for
extraction for each floor, ...

Designing Spaces For Natural Ventilation

Author: Ulrike Passe
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136664823
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For example, a loading dock should not be located next to the ventilation inlets. ...
Open-plan architecture needed for a continuous flow path through a building can
pose severe safety and fire risks as well as transport noise and sound across
buildings and thus impair quality of life, safety, privacy, and environmental quality
. ... Vertical fire and smoke spread in particular needs to be restricted, which
poses a conflict in vertically connected spaces needed for stack effect ventilation.

The Tall Buildings Reference Book

Author: David Parker
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136258043
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opportunities presented by atrium buildings, they are often simply utilised for their
aesthetic attributes. Atria: Ventilation and Fire and Smoke Control An atrium can
be used to enhance natural ventilation, mainly through cross-ventilation and
stack effect, and is particularly effective when combined with sky courts and sky
gardens in tall buildings. However, temperature stratification and unimpeded
movement of air within the atrium potentially pose a significant fire risk; these can
be ...

Fire Safety Science

Author: Takashi Kashiwagi
Publisher: International Association for Fire Safety Science
ISBN: 9781886279001
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In this study, the validity of the simple two layer zone model (1), developed to
investigate the efficiency of smoke control effect by natural venting, is examined
by experiments (1) using a model atrium where the effects of heat release rate of
fire, smoke vent area and air inlet area are investigated (1). The agreement of the
two layer zone model with the experiments is not so good regarding predictions
of smoke layer depth and smoke layer temperature. This discrepancy is attributed
to ...

Building Services Journal

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Where smoke shafts are chosen as the preferred solution, both shafts require an
inlet direct from fresh air at the base and an outlet at the head. In addition,
automatic vents opening directly into the smoke shaft are required at each level,
to the lobby and staircase and aim2 opening vent at the head of the stair,
operated by the fire service on arrival. The inlet required at the base can also be
a problem. Design implications for taking a 3 m2 or 1-5 m2 duct horizontally to
open air and ...

Natural Home Heating

Author: Greg Pahl
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
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toward the front of the stove (the air-inlet end) before you add the next load
ofwood.After adding the wood, close the door and open the air ... Then shut the
door and open the air vents fully to stimulate a brisk fire.Wait five to fifteen
minutes for the fire to reach full ... refreshing the fire easier. Effects of the Weather
When you burn wood in a woodstove, you tend to become more aware of the
weather, since stove performance can be affected by weather conditions. During
the spring or fall, ...

Design For Shopping Centres

Author: Nadine Beddington
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
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Fresh air must enter the building to replace the extracted hot smoky gases; with a
natural smoke ventilation system the area of inlets should be at least twice the
area of vents in a single reservoir. With a mechanical system a lower area may
be sufficient but the resistance of inlets must be taken into account when
calculating the requirements of the fans. ... event of fire, and can be provided with
smoke baffles sited a few metres along the mall, to check speed and reduce wind

Journal Of Applied Fire Science

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reduces or eliminates the effect(s) of the negative pressure. Similarly, inlets that
are under positive pressure could be fitted with smoke detectors so that the inlet
is closed on detection of smoke. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The British Council and
the ... J. Morgan and E. W. Marchant, Some Effects of Natural Wind on Vent
Operation in Shopping Malls, CIB Symposium on the Control of Smoke
Movement in Building Fires, Volume 1, pp. 171-183. 6. The Assessment of Wind
Loads, Part 6: ...