Excerpta Medica

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References from some 3500 worldwide biomedical journals to all significant articles. Numbered entries include bibliographical information and address of author.

Das Krebsproblem

Author: Karl H. Bauer
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642860621
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New York Niederlande Excerpta medica (Section 16 Cancer) Amsterdam
Österreich Krebsarzt Wien Schweiz Oncologia Basel Spanien Acta Iberica
Radiologica-Cancerologica Madrid Sowjetunion Sovremennije Problemi
Onkologi Moskau Tschecho- Acta Radiologica et Cancerologica Bohemo- Prag
slowakei slovenica Ungarn Acta Cancrologica Budapest USA Advances in
Cancer Research New York American Association for Cancer Research Chicago
American Cancer Society ...

Scientific Controversies

Author: Hugo Tristram Engelhardt
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521275606
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Alone and in Combination with Beta-glucosidose (NSC-128056)," Cancer
Chemotherapy Report 59 (1975): 951-65. The most frequently cited foreign
sources are the ... 4 (1972): 110-18, abstracted in Excerpta Medica: Sec. 16,
Cancer 24 (1973): 2098; M. von Ardenne and P. G. Reitnauer, "Tumor ... John A.
Morrone, "Chemotherapy of Inoperable Cancer: Preliminary Report of Ten Cases
Treated with Laetrile," Excerpta Medica: Sec. 9, Surgery 20 (1962): 299- 308.
Morrone found that ...

Social Audit Pollution Handbook

Author: Maurice Frankel
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349159069
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Summaries of, or references to, new reports on the health hazards of industrial
chemicals and environmental pollutants can be found in the following sources:
Abstracts on Hygiene Carcinogenesis Abstracts CIS Abstracts Cumulated Index
Medicus Current Bibliography of Epidemiology Excerpta Medica Section 2C-
Pharmacology and Toxicology Section 16Cancer Section 17—Public Health,
Social Medicine and Hygiene Section 35–Occupational Health and Industrial
Medicine ...

Research In Medicine

Author: George Murrell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521626705
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It indexes more than 25oo international medical and paramedical journals by
both author and subject. If you have not used this before, it is worth persuading
your medical librarian to discuss with you the use of this invaluable tool. (2)
Excerpta Medica. This is currently classified into over 40 sections (e.g. cancer
section 16, plastic surgery section 34). It covers some 3500 journals, and the
particular volume relevant to your work can be most useful. (3) Computer and
Internet searches.

Content Evaluation Of Textual Cd Rom And Web Databases

Author: Péter Jacsó
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
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Searching for the journal titles that start with Bxeerpta Medico, one of the largest
abstracting and indexing services, retrieves 49 journals such as Excerpta Medico
, Section 16: Cancer, However, searching for journals that are indexed and ... (US
/01640925) r COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM (US/00010782) r DATA BASE (
MACHINERY (US/0004541 1) Set Term Searched Items SI JN=EXCERPTA

Endocrinology Of Breast Cancer

Author: Andrea Manni
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1592596991
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The choice of treatment will depend on patient characteristics, efficacy, potential
side effects, and cost. The most appropriate drug for individual patients will be
determined by a process of trial and error, and sometimes several treatments
may need to be tried before an optimal response is obtained (20). REFERENCES
1. Angeli A, Dogliotti L, Faggiuolo R, Orlandi F, Bussolati G, eds. (1984)
Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast. A Revisit and New Perspectives, Excerpta
Medica, Amsterdam ...