Francois Laruelle S Philosophies Of Difference

Author: Associate Professor of Humanities/Philosophy Rocco (Endicott College) Gangle
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748668144
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The present text follows the practice of the English translation of PD in rendering
this key term as 'difference' and distinguishing between 'Differance' as the name
of the Derridean model of Difference and 'differance' as the particular concept as
it ... What Laruelle will ultimately challenge is the status and range of the very
milieu of Derrida's demonstration, the generalised field of thinking in which
philosophy is at once defined with respect to its Other(s) and conceived through
its ...

Philosophies Of Difference

Author: Francois Laruelle
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826436633
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A Critical Introduction to Non-philosophy Francois Laruelle. of the radical
contingency of philosophical decision. The formidable technical difficulties raised
in these chapters come to define the central concerns of non-philosophy up
through Laruelle's fully definitive statement PriV1Cipe's de la non-philosophie (
Presses Universitaires de France 1996), in which the key notions of 'dualysis [dl/
I611)/S€]' and the 'cloning [C101/lage']' of the One develop precisely out of this
earlier ...

Emerging Trends In Continental Philosophy

Author: Todd May
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317546776
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Todd May. of the real and the various techniques deployed to do justice to that
real finds its most radical expression or development in Laruelle«s non-
philosophy. ... In the case of Laruelle, a conception of immanent materiality as
radically indivisible and autonomous necessitates the abandonment of
philosophy per se and the creation of an entirely different discursive form. ...
François Laruelle, Philosophies of Difference: A Critical Introduction to Non-
Philosophy, Rocco Gangle (trans.) ...

Religion And European Philosophy

Author: Philip Goodchild
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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Laruelle, François. 2010b. Future Christ: A Lesson in Heresy. Translated by
Anthony Paul Smith. London and New York: Continuum. Laruelle, François.
2010c. Philosophies of Difference: A Critical Introduction to Non-Philosophy.
Translated by Rocco Gangle. London and New York: Continuum. Laruelle,
François. 2012. Struggle and Utopia at the End Times of Philosophy. Translated
by Drew S. Burk and Anthony Paul Smith. Minneapolis, MN: Univocal Publishing.
Laruelle, François.

Laruelle And Non Philosophy

Author: John Mullarkey
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748645365
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Non-philosophy rejects not philosophy but only philosophy's selflegitimating and
hence thoroughly relative circumscriptions of its Other(s). The Stranger thus does
not opt out of the real world, but instead sees that the world itself as defined a
priori by philosophy as a form of contest and enclosure (however infinite or
horizonal in principle) in fact opts out of the ordinary human Real. Notes 1.
François Laruelle, En tant qu'Un (Paris: Aubier, 1991). 2. From the non-
philosophical stance of ...

Chiasma A Site For Thought Issue 1

Author: Various Authors
ISBN: 0771430752
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Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1980. François, Anne-Lise. Open Secrets: The
Literature of Uncounted Experience. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press,
2008. Gangle, Rocco. François Laruelle's Philosophies of Difference: A Critical
Introduction and Guide. Edinburgh ... Papers on Language & Literature 48.3 (
Summer 2012). s
-silent-form-keats-s-critique-of-poetic (accessed March 24, 2014). Harman,

On Habit

Author: Clare Carlisle
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136725695
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43; Thomas Reid, Essay on the Active Powers of Man (Edinburgh, 1788), p. 120.
Félix Ravaisson, Of Habit, trans. Clare Carlisle and Mark Sinclair (London:
Continuum, 2008), p. 39. Ibid., p. 77. On the spiral image in Ravaisson«s
philosophy, see François Laruelle, Phénomène et difference: Essai sur l'
ontologie de Ravaisson (Paris: Klincksieck, 1971). 41 Henri Bergson, The
Creative Mind, trans. Mabelle L. Andison (New York: Philosophical Library, 1946)
, pp. 231¥32. C. S. Peirce, ...

After Poststructuralism

Author: Rosi Braidotti
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317546806
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Foucault and Deleuze are discussed in essays by, respectively, Timothy O«Leary
and Daniel W. Smith, in The History of Continental Philosophy: Volume 6. ... For
an important introduction to the spirit of this philosophical age, see François
Laruelle, Les Philosophies de la différence: Introduction critique (Paris: Presses
Universitaires de France, 1986); published in English as Philosophies of
Difference: A Critical Introduction to ... See Rosi Braidotti«s chapter on feminism
in this volume.

Post Continental Philosophy

Author: John Mullarkey
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780826464620
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This he fails to do.9 The philosophy that can depict quality and quantity equally,
on the other hand, has the greater explanatory scope, and Badiou himself sets
scope or 'maximal extension' as his criterion for theoretical preference.10 This is
what we will be examining in what promotes itself as the most powerful and
rigorous thought of immanence imaginable, that of Francois Laruelle's non-
philosophy. Philosophy can be about both quantitative and qualitative difference
together, not ...