Free Air

Author: Sinclair Lewis
Publisher: The Floating Press
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One of the earliest road-trip novels, Free Air tells the story of Claire Boltwood, who travels from New York City to the Pacific Northwest by automobile.

Fundamentals Of Geophysics

Author: William Lowrie
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521467285
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M. 0 200 km I 1 I SL 200 km anomaly and the free-air anomaly arises from the
Bouguer plate correction. In computing the Bouguer anomaly the simple
elevation of the measurement station is taken into account together with the free-
air correction. The measured gravity contains the attraction of the landmass
above the ellipsoid, which is compensated with the Bouguer plate correction. The
underground structure does not vary laterally, so the corrected measurement
agrees with the ...

Squire S Fundamentals Of Radiology

Author: Robert A. Novelline
Publisher: La Editorial, UPR
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Here the search for free air can be carried out by rolling the patient onto his left
side and radiographing him anteroposteriorly with a horizontal beam. The
resulting film, a left-side-down lateral decubitus film, will show even a small
amount of free air lateral to the liver (Figure 12.29). Small amounts of free air are
usually not visible on a supine plain film. The horizontal beam can also be used
in a patient too ill even to be turned on his side, as in Figure 12.27. The patient
lies supine and is ...

Clinical Imaging Of The Small Intestine

Author: Hans Herlinger
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Cho and Baker" have divided the supine film signs of free intraperitoneal air into
three groups: 1) bowelrelated signs, 2) anterior peritoneal ligament signs, and 3)
right upper quadrant signs. The bowel-related signs include: A) “Rigler's or bas-
relief sign," the plain film demonstration of a bowel wall by the simultaneous
presence of bowel gas within and free air on the outside. A further bowel-related
feature is B) the “triangle sign," caused by small amounts of gas trapped among
three ...

Potential Theory In Gravity And Magnetic Applications

Author: Richard J. Blakely
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521575478
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7.3.l Free- Air Correction Shipboard gravity measurements can be compared
directly with the reference field go because the geoid corresponds to sea level.
Gravity measurements over land, however, must be adjusted for elevation above
or below sea level. Let g(r) represent the attraction of gravity on the geoid. The
value of gravity a small distance h above the geoid is given by a Taylor's series
expansion, Q g(r + h) = g(r) + h —g(r) +,,, . Dropping high-order terms and
rearranging the ...

Handbook Of Radiation Oncology

Author: Bruce G. Haffty
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9780763731434
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Free-Air Ionization Chamber Fundamental measurements of radiation exposure
are accomplished in standards laboratories using an instrument known as a free-
air ionization chamber. The simpler instruments commonly used in a clinic are
compared with standards established by free-air ionization chambers to yield
calibration coefficients for the simpler instruments. Free-air chambers, as will be
seen below, are bulky and impractical for use in a clinic, but their design
eliminates the ...