From Jackson To Lincoln

Author: Robert Parks
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From Jackson to Lincoln includes color reproductions of important nineteenth-century political and cultural documents with expert commentary.

101 Things You Didn T Know About Lincoln

Author: Brian Thornton
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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Any comparison of “Old Hickory” Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln is filled
with both stark contrasts and interesting similarities. Jackson was president when
Lincoln entered active politics at the state level in the 1830s. Lincoln, a lifelong
admirer of Jackson's eternal political foe Henry Clay, was (in his own words) “
always a Whig” (the opposing political party that formed around Clay once
Jackson was president), and thus by association a foe of Jackson's Democrats.
However, the ...

366 Days In Abraham Lincoln S Presidency

Author: Stephen A. Wynalda
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Historians have long debated whether Lincoln made a mistake in sending
General Irvin McDowell's army after Confederate general Thomas “Stonewall”
Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley rather than to Richmond to reinforce General
George McClellan. The pivotal question, however, is, where was McDowell
needed most? Lincoln claimed to have two reasons to send McDowell to the
Shenandoah: to protect Washington from Jackson and to capture or destroy
Jackson's army.

Political Parties And American Political Development

Author: Michael F. Holt
Publisher: LSU Press
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exactly why seven Deep South states seceded in response to the election of
Abraham Lincoln while the eight other slave states refused to do so is still unclear
. Fears for slavery are normally cited, but historians disagree about how it was
menaced and who was most alarmed. The determination of a small, all-powerful
planter class to extend slavery to perpetuate its hegemony, fears of economic
loss by the more numerous slaveholding element, and the racial anxieties of both

A Lincoln

Author: Ronald C. White
Publisher: Random House
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Three bullets struck Jackson. Initially there was hope that he would recover, but
he died on Sunday, May 10. His death took away Lee's right-hand man and
severely tested the South's belief that God was on their side. Three days later,
Lincoln read in the Washington Chronicle an appreciative editorial on Jackson.
That same day, Lincoln wrote editor John W. Forney, “I wish to lose no time in
thanking you for the excellent and manly article in the Chronicle on 'Stonewall

The Lincoln Forum

Author: Dawn Ruark
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
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"You Must Either Attack Richmond or Give Up the Job and Come to the Defence
of Washington": Abraham Lincoln and the 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign
Gary W. Gallagher Abraham Lincoln reacted admirably to Major General Thomas
J. "Stonewall" Jackson's famous Shenandoah Valley Campaign of May and June
1862. Far from panicking when Jackson advanced toward the Potomac during
the last week of May, Lincoln used the rebel threat in an effort to force Major
General ...

Abraham Lincoln

Author: Lord Charnwood
Publisher: Courier Corporation
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He was now in the lower valley of the Shenandoah, keeping a watch over a much
smaller force under Jackson higher up the valley. Frémont was in some sense a
soldier, but after his record in Missouri he should never have been employed. His
new appointment was one of Lincoln's greatest mistakes, and it was a mistake of
a characteristic kind. It will easily be understood that there were real political
reasons for not leaving this popular champion of freedom unused and