Getting Laid

Author: Barb Webb
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Easy answer, it is extremely cool to raise you own hens. Eat the organic eggs and lie back on feather beds from your own brood. And what about you? Author Barb Webb believes there's a farm girl in all of us and she helps you find yours!

Poultry Garden And Home

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While the hens picked it over a little, not enough was eaten to injure them. It is not
well to give them rock salt or salt in large crystals. "Salt, at the rate of one ounce
per day for 100 fowls, could, under ordinary circumstances, be fed without injury.
... Editor RelialiJe Poultry Journal. I see loU of recipes for preserving eggs In the
Journal, bo I will give you one that I warrant every time If put up as directed. This
Is a German recipe and eggs have been kept three years on a test and were
good ...

Gardening Illustrated

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Preserving eggs. — Can any of the readers of Gardening Illustrated kindly tell me
of some simple way to preserve hen's eggs for about, tay, three months ? I do not
like to use lime. — Suffolk. *#* As you do not like lime, here is a good recipe ...
The above-named foods can all be produoed at home. There are many
advertised poultry meals in the market, and most, if not all, are good for chicken-
rearing. But food is not everything. The chicks must be kept warm, and yet have
plenty of fresh ...

Poultry Garden And Home

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I understand either way eggs should be put down when first laid. lt' water glass,
can you tell me 'where to procure the best? If lime, can you give the formula for
preparing? Also your expert opinion of eggs kept in this . 9 “av. Higganum, Conn.
A. G. L. “'e prefer the water glass method. The lime method is very satisfactory.
but the eggs usually have a sharp, disagreeable, alkaline taste. (1) Please give
me a. good recipe (cheap and good) for putting down eggs to be used by farmers

The National Farmer S And Housekeeper S Cyclopaedia

Author: Frank M Lupton
Publisher: F.M. Lupton
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Stir at intervals, and when the pickle is cold and the sediment has settled, dip or
draw the liquid off into the cask in which the eggs are to be preserved. ... Eggs
preserved by rubbing over with beeswax and oil showed thin, watery whites. ...
The following is a recipe for packing in salt: Cover the bottom of a keg, cask, jar,
hogshead, or whatever you choose to pack in, with a layer of fine salt two inches
deep; upon this place the eggs, small end down, and far enough apart so that
they will ...

The Garden Magazine

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They are adaptable to all climates, they are large, their calves are easily raised.
and they have exceptional ability to consume and asslmrlate roughage and
transmute it into milk. ... velvety tints of the stains. The stained timbers, in old
smoky browns and dark grays that bring out the gmin,harmonize perfectly and
weather outbeauLifully. Cabot's tains are artistic, inexpensive, lasting, and the
Creosote preserves the wood. You can get ... Best Recipes age. for Cooking
E885- Poultry, etc.

S P P A Bulletin

Author: Society for Preservation of Poultry Antiquities
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In the morning the guineas again ate, then hurried over to our neighbor's tree. We
gave up on raising guineas. However, this year a guinea cock just walked in one
morning and joined our chickens. As far as we know, no one around here raises
guineas — he must have traveled quite a distance. After a few weeks we decided
to get him a mate. The guinea hen we got really panicked in the cage so we only
kept her in it one day. The next morning she took off, but the cock brought her ...

The New Farm

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Write 1961 price list and it you enclose $1 we mail you a sample of seaweed
fertilizer MULTI-CROP INDUSTRIES, INC 5307 Pat Bay Hwy., Victoria, B.C. VSY
1S9 Canada. ... Over 140 recipes from beverages to desserts. .... Chicks.
Illustrated catalog and complete book list 50c PILGRIM GOOSE HATCHERY, NF-
61, Wll- llamef laid, OH 44093. RAISE CHICKENS (also BANTAMS) tor meat and
eggs. Send 50c for big picture catalog. Shows over 35 rare and exotic breeds
and all ...

The Garden

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But owing to the bulky nature of the former I am afraid the latter too often get
placed on one side, unopened for the time being. As a change, however, ... Letter
212. — Lime pickle for preserving eggs : Pour over ilb. of quicklime a gallon of
nearly boiling water, add a handful of salt and put it in a crock that holds 3 -4
gallons. ... rate, for the fifth month no fewer than thirteen out of the sixteen single-
pen pulle ts have laid 20 eggs or over, and one recorded no fewer than 25 eggs.
The leading ...

The Rural New Yorker

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What corn there was, was good, and for that I built a silo 12x12, put it in, and
when it settled, it was about eight feet in depth. How to get this stock through was
a Puzzle. I never had paid much attention to corn as we had had plenty of feed,
and always dried off the cows about December 1, and had them fresh again in
April or May. I always fed hay, all they would eat, and saved all manure. My
principal business is raising and shipping winter vegetables. I sold two of the
poorest cows for ...