Grave Desire

Author: Steve Finbow
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
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Throughout the book, examples from the works of Herodotus, the Metaphysical poets, the Marquis de Sade, Cormac McCarthy, Poppie Z Brite, Jörg Buttgereit and more are used for illustration.

Grave Desires

Author: William Holden
Publisher: Lethe Press
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And shadows to hide the rivulets of these fluids as they descend and drip from the naked flesh of men. These tales of homoerotic horror haunt a reader long after the eye moves from the last words on a page.


Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
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A Grave and Private Place Chapter Two. Secrets of the Grave Chapter Three.
Grave Matters Chapter Four. This Side of the Grave Chapter Five' Graven Images
Chapter Six' Cruel as the Grave Chapter Seven' Linearnents of Grave Desire
Chapter Eight. The Power of the Grave Chapter Nine. Godly and Grave Chapter
Ten' The Grave of Hope Chapter Eleven. Grave Faults Chapter Twelve. The
Grave Beyond the Door Chapter Thirteen. An Empty Grave Chapter Fourteen'
The Nature of ...

Exquisite Desire

Author: Carey Ellen Walsh
Publisher: Fortress Press
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Grave. Death and Desire Hitting Up Against Limits For love is as strong as death,
passion fierce as the grave. — Song 8:6 In addition to her account of her own
journey through desire, the woman of the Song offers philosophical perspectives
on the nature of desire. The above verse, the Song's most famous line, is one
such observation, and this chapter will center on these general assessments of
desire. Up to this point, we have been discussing the flirtation and arousal in the
Songs ...

Are The Lips A Grave

Author: Lynne Huffer
Publisher: Columbia University Press
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But she would also add that this sex maniacal desire for men—women's
heterosexual desire for penetrative destruction—is not woman's desire at all, but
rather the fantasmatic projection of woman as the Other of the Same, a desire that
only functions as the complement to a masculine, phallic, macho model. This is
the sexual economy of the Same as homo that Irigaray calls hommosexuality (
with a double m), referring to the double m in the French word for man, homme.
30 This ...

Grave Matters

Author: Mark C. Taylor
Publisher: Reaktion Books
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Contrary to expectation, the deadly openness of the future creates the space of
desire. It is not so much that I desire death as that death is the non- absent
absence that engenders desire. Without the remote proximity of death, there
would be no desire, and without desire, there is no life. In response to the gift of
death, which is the gift of life, I have nothing to give in return -absolutely nothing.
The nothing I have to give is nothing other than the nothing that is not there and
the nothing that ...

Masculinity Class And Same Sex Desire In Industrial England 1895 1957

Author: Helen Smith
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137470992
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minister's 'grave conduct' and 'grave impropriety'.10 These 'grave' offences were
committed with a woman. Other 'grave offences' that were reported during the
period included child abuse, infanticide and being in possession of an army
stove. However, sex between adult men was not described in this way. In fact,
such cases seem hardly to have been reported before the 1920s.11 This could
have been a conscious choice made by the local press to echo the national press
, but it ...

Desire And Anxiety Routledge Revivals

Author: Valerie Traub
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317619749
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To outface me with leaping in her grave?” (V.i.277-8). Critics largely focus on the
grave as a site of masculine competition, neglecting to mention that Ophelia's
grave becomes the only “bed” upon which Hamlet is able to express his sexual
desire. 14 And yet, it is neither the right to mourn Ophelia, nor the right to give her
pleasure that is actually being contested; rather, Laertes and Hamlet fight over
the right to Ophelia's chastity. Fetishized to the extent that it is utterly divorced
from the ...

Commodities Of Desire

Author: Christiane Schönfeld
Publisher: Camden House
ISBN: 9781571131980
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When Thymian discusses her diary with Bohme's fictional alter ego, a tell-tale
literary trope asserts itself in the yellow leaves that fall and blow across the table
between them. If the German Blatt refers to both "leaves" and "pages," Bohme's
cliched image clearly signals a fallen self, one not only already given over to
dead letters, but also on its way to the grave. Indeed, throughout the novel
Thymian lavishes as much attention on her future grave as her diary, efforts
which underscore the ...

Pierre Loti And The Theatricality Of Desire

Author: Peter James Turberfield
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9042023635
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Loti's embrace of the eroticised grave can be seen to be representative of his
desire for this 'réunion céleste sans fin'. Dinnerstein's idea of the self 'melting
down' in 'a reunion' with the mother, would also seem to be present in the grave
scene. In his ecstasy, the outside world ceases to exist for Loti, as he describes
himself dissolving into tears: 'Alors rien d'autre n'existe plus, ni le grand décor, ni
les ambiances étranges ; il n'y a plus rien qu'elle-même, – et toutes mes
impressions ...