Shattering Conventions

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THE 1978 EDITION OF The Guinness Book of World Records was the runaway
bestseller of Garfield Elementary School's Scholastic book fair. The crushing
demand couldn't be met outright, and the 700-page paperback tome promising “
more amazing human achievements than ever” had to be backordered. The wait
was interminable. It was weeks before a large cardboard box packed with
mustard yellow paperbacks was wheeled into my 3rd grade class by Joe, the
overly hairy ...

Guinness Book Of Me

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The duration record for treading water (vertical posture in an 8-foot square
without touching the lane markers) is 64 hours by Norman Albert at Pennsylvania
State University on November 1–4, 1978. (1980, 642). Underwater. The world
record for voluntarily staying underwater is 13 minutes 42.5 seconds by Robert
Foster, aged 32, an electronics technician of Richmond, California, who stayed
under 10 feet of water in the swimming pool of the Bermuda Palms at San Rafael,

Guinness World Records 2015

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Meet the oil barons, retail magnates and tech tycoons who are all members of the
exclusive Guinness World Records Super-Rich Club – the 16 men (and yes, they'
re all men, and all but four of them American) who've held the record for the
wealthiest living person over the past 60 years. Our 1960 edition records the
belief that Chicago gangster Al Capone (USA, record for the highest gross
income ever achieved in a single year by a private citizen. Adjusted for inflation,
in 1927 he ...

Distinguished African Americans In Aviation And Space Science

Author: Betty Kaplan Gubert
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Awards, Honors: Guinness Book of World Records, 1985; Mme C.J. Walker/Villa
Le- waro Foundation (Queens, N.Y.) award for outstanding service, 1999.
Summary: Ruby L. Bostic and her friend Melva Jackman became the first two
African American women to fly from New York to Trinidad in a single engine
plane in February 1985. This feat gained them entrance into the Guinness Book
of World Records. Since getting her pilot's license in 1978, Bostic has worked
tirelessly within ...