Hard News

Author: Mark T. Sullivan
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453268766
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Scandal rocks a California city, and one dysfunctional newspaper covers it all To the people who toil inside the labyrinthine offices of the Post, it is a miracle the paper comes out every morning.

Hard News

Author: David H. Hosley
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 031325477X
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The authors, both of whom have extensive backgrounds in broadcasting, have done a commendable job of identifying women who have pioneered in electronic journalism. . . Indeed, this book is so engrossing one only wishes that it were longer.

Hard News

Author: Toni Jones
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440599424
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Stop the presses! These ten intrepid newsmen and women will stop at nothing when it comes to getting the story, even if it means losing their hearts along the way.

Klick Magnete

Author: Balthas Seibold
Publisher: Balthas Seibold
ISBN: 3889273165
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7.3.12 SoftNewsund Hard News – Was die Aufmerksamkeit erregt Alle
bisherigen Befunde deuten darauf hin, dass die bunten Meldungen des Ressorts
'und übrigens' besonders viel Aufmerksamkeit erhalten. Im Folgenden wird daher
ge- prüft, ob generell Soft News mehr Aufmerksamkeit erhalten als Hard News (
Hypothese 3). Da der Gesamtaufmacher nur Hard News enthält, wird er aus der
Analyse ausgeschlossen, um Verzerrungen zu vermeiden. Die folgende Tabelle
zeigt, dass ...

Hard News Heartfelt Opinions

Author: Scott M. Bushnell
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253349206
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A History of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Scott M. Bushnell. A HISTORY OF
THE Fort Wayne Journal Gazette SCOTT M. BUSHNELL HARD NEWS,
INDIANA. cover.

Hard News

Author: Seth Mnookin
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1588364186
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By the 1980s, that competitive impulse had transformed the “hard news” pages
as well, as CNN put pressure on daily papers to add insight and analysis and,
especially, drama to their coverage of breaking news. Even though these
innovations were viewed with wariness by journalism traditionalists, they were
considered necessary to newspapers' collective survival in an ever more
entertainmentand information-saturated culture. “We are not the first, on any
important story, to bring ...

Hard News

Author: Tess Stimson
Publisher: Random House (UK)
ISBN: 9780749314477
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Social Meanings Of News

Author: Daniel A. Berkowitz
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780761900764
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Hard News Versus Soft News The informants' main distinction was between hard
news and its antithesis, soft news. As they put it, hard news concerns events
potentially available to analysis or interpretation and consists of "factual
presentations" of events deemed newsworthy (for a discussion of "factual
presentations" and analysis, see Tuchman [1972]). When pressed, informants
indicated that hard news is "simply" the stuff news presentations are made of. For
instance, asked for a ...

The Presidency In The Era Of 24 Hour News

Author: Jeffrey E. Cohen
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400837790
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dedicated hard news programs showed some improvement once their content
was softened.4 Thus in the new media age, several forces converged to soften
the news product offered to consumers. Patterson argues that this change to
softer news affected people's evaluations and consumption of news. Some
people disliked this turn to softer news, especially those who preferred a hard
news diet. These types of people ceased watching news programs that added a
higher quotient of ...