Hellenistic Astrology

Author: Chris Brennan
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Hellenistic astrology is a tradition of horoscopic astrology that was practiced in the Mediterranean region from approximately the first century BCE until the seventh century CE. It is the source of many of the modern traditions of ...

The Daimon In Hellenistic Astrology

Author: Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum
Publisher: BRILL
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In her wide-ranging study The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology, Dorian Greenbaum explores the daimon and astrology’s connections to fate, mythology, philosophy; Greek, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Gnostic and Mithraic religion; the doctrine of ...

Acts Of The Seventh International Conference Of Demotic Studies

Author: Kim Ryholt
Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press
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The final aspect of Isis that I would like to examine is her association with fate. ...
99 This declaration takes on significance when one recalls that in Hellenistic and
Imperial times, the concept of 'fate', whether designated as jioipa, Tu/ri, dvayKri or
etyiap/zevrj,100 represented an intractable and uncontrollable dimension of
human existence, one that was ... 103 Through the confluence of Stoic physical
speculation and astrological thought, 99 Kyme aretalogy, 55-56: 'Eyw to i/Ltap/

Chinese Mathematical Astrology

Author: Ho Peng Yoke
Publisher: Routledge
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I was reminded of the similarity of this method with that used by a fortune—teller
in Canton (modern Guangzhou) during the 1930s to read my own father's
horoscope. I thought that there might be some rationale in the method. This
eventually resulted in the publication of my book on the Ziping method of fate
calculation. It also happened that Yano had become an expert on Hellenistic and
Iranian astrology after having spent some time at Brown University to write his
doctoral ...

Religious Transformation In Modern Asia

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1 India is home to a living tradition of astrology which extends back in an
unbroken lineage for almost two thousand years: its origins may be traced to the
first or second millennia bce and it has deep roots in Indian religion.2 In India
astrology is known as jyotiṣa or jyotiḥśāstra (“science of the stars”); this branch
of learning includes mathematics, astronomy, divination, and astrology.3 As each
branch became more sophisticated, each became a separate area of study, and
while ...

Hellenistic Science And Culture In The Last Three Centuries B C

Author: George Sarton
Publisher: Courier Corporation
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The labels stuck and throughout the ages Chaldean suggested not only astrology
but also magic, occultism, and imposture, while Babylonian came to mean an
astrologer and a papistl The word “Chaldean” was often used to designate a
soothsayer or a fortune teller; it was considered a better insult than “Babylonian,”
except for religious purposes.'11 The Chaldeans deserved their bad reputation,
for they created superstitions in abundance. A good many of those superstitions
survive ...

The Rise Of The West

Author: William Hardy McNeill
ISBN: 9780226561448
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... of Ancient Astronomy: Problems and Methods," Journal of Near Eastern
Studies, IV (1945), 1-38, for a very penetrating discussion of the subject. 59
Serapis was in fact one of a trinity, which included the Egyptian goddess Isis and
a less important figure, Anubis. ARCHAIC CLASSICAL FATE GODS NATURAL
VIEW of such faiths.