Hemmings Collector Car Almanac

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Hemmings Almanac puts thousands of hobby specialists at you fingertips. You'll find everything you need t fulfill your collector-car dreams.

Hemmings Vintage Auto Almanac

Author: David Brownell
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More than 3,000 parts suppliers, salvage yards, restoration shops, dealers, and appraisers. Includes listings arranged by make and model; state-by-state listings; and an updated rundown of web sites and e-mail addresses.

Popular Mechanics

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k Car shows like the huge Car Craft Street Nationals (opposite page) are a good
place to find old cars, but look in the parking lots, not the show itself. Auctions can
be expensive: Harrah's Automobile Collection in Reno sold this '29 Chevy
Phaeton (left) for $20,0001 Price guides are only one kind of specialized
publication for the old car hobby (above). Hemmings News lists cars and parts for
sale; Vintage Auto Almanac has car club addresses, sources for parts and
services, lists of ...

Kiplinger S Personal Finance

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Old-car enthusiasts and vintage- car collectors will find a wealth of information in
Hemmings' Vintage Auto Almanac, tenth edition. It contains up-to-date listings for
old-car dealers, restoration shops, car clubs, museums, salvage yards and just
about anything else you would want to know about old cars. Available for $9.95
on newsstands or from Hemmings' Vintage Almanac, P.O. Box 945, Ben- nington,
VT 05201. in and out of urban traffic with ease. A new rear suspension allows the

Automotive Websites 2d Ed

Author: Todd A. Jensen
Publisher: McFarland
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Network merchandise, chat, and classic car news. The only downside to the site
is that almost every link opens in a new window, making navigation a little tricky if
you accidentally close the wrong window. This is a must-see site for any
automotive enthusiast who appreciates the ¡955 through ¡96¡ Mopar cars. 214.
Gilmore Car Museum http://www.gilmorecarmuseum.org The Gilmore Car
Museum started its life as the private collection of Donald S. Gilmore and his wife,

The Automobile In American History And Culture

Author: Michael L. Berger
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313245589
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The Gilmore Car Museum collection features 532 of them, and the Classic Car
Club of America Museum has 708. (This is in ... Dearborn, Detroit, Flint, Lansing,
and Pontiac have been designated as constituting this area, in which efforts are
being made to preserve, restore, and provide an interpretive educational
program for structures and resources associated with the history of the American
automobile. Among the ... Hemmings' Vintage Auto Almanac: 1999 Edition.
Bennington, Vt.: ...

Popular Mechanics

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BY BILL HARTFORD Vintage Auto Almanac Old-car enthusiasts are well
acquainted with Hemming s Motor Neivs, the world's largest paper featuring
antique and vintage automobiles, and it's Hemmings that publishes this First
Annual 1977, 224- page "bible" for old-auto hobbyists. It lists clubs, parts dealers,
restoration shops and museums, and feature stories, too (two by PM's West Coast
Editor, Michael Lamm) . $4.50. Vintage Auto Almanac, Box 945, Ben- nington, Vt.
05201. Mucho ...

Kiplinger S Personal Finance

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Car Collector and Car Classics, a monthly magazine; P. 0. Box 28571, Atlanta,
Ga. 30328; $24 per year. Complete Book of Collectible Cars 1930-1980, by
Richard M. Langworth and Graham Robson (Publications International, Ltd.,
3841 W. Oakton St., Skokie, 111. 60076; $14.98). Hemmings Motor News, a
monthly listing of events, books, services, supplies and cars for sale; $3.50 per
issue. Hemmings Vintage Auto Almanac, an annual list of books and periodicals,
and businesses ...

How To Restore Your Collector Car

Publisher: MotorBooks International
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18, 29, 149 Catalog of American ID Numbers, 49, 149 Chevrolet by the Numbers,
50 Club publications, 48 Corvette Central, 216 Hemmings Motor News, 18, 30,
94, 263 Hemmings Vintage Auto Almanac, 20 Hollander Interchange Manual, 47,
48, 5 1 , 107 Old Cars Buyer's Guide, 1 7 Old Cars Weekly, 18, 20, 25, 49 Sports
Car Market, 19 Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975, 50. 51 Standard
Guide to Cars & Prices, 1 7 The Serial Number Book for U.S. Cars 1900-1975, ...

Scan Info

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Hemmings' Vintage Auto Almanac. 10th edition. Bennington, VT: Hemmings
Motor News, 1993. Cost: $9.95. Annual. For patrons looking to repair/restore their
old jalopy or antique classic automobile the Hemmings ' Vintage Auto Almanac
provides access to repair information, history and literature beyond what most
public libraries can provide. In California public librarians can send repair or
restoration questions to their regional reference centers if local library collections
cannot ...