Her Ii

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Author: Pierre Alex Jeanty
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Queen Elizabeth And Her Times

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Pegrillion, M. i, 103 Pelham, Sir William, ii, 120, 280, 322, 346 Pembroke, William
Herbert, Earl of, sick, i, 38, 40, 69, 70; attends the council, 87; marriage of his son,
130 Pembroke, Henry Herbert, Earl of, ii, 95, 103 Pembroke, Countess of, ii, 95
Pendred, ii, 73 Penn, Mrs. letters to her, ii, 414,415,416 Penne, Anthony, letter to
him, i, 241 Percy, Sir Henry, account of him, i, 350, 434, see Northumberland,
Henry, Earl of.-Letters from him, i, 356.--- Letters to him, 350, 354 Perne, i, 127,
136 ...

Flores Historiarum

Author: Henry Richards Luard
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Alienora—cont. half of the bishop of Winchester, ii. 271 ; birth of Edmund, ii. 286,
iii. 239; with Henry III. at Westminster at Christmas 1245-6, ii. 306; excepted from
the excommunication in the archbishop of Canterbury's afiairs, ii. 342; at
Westminster, for the feast of St. Edward in 1248-9, ii. 356; at Canterbury for
archbishop Boniface's enthronement, ii. 361; a collect to be said daily for her in
the Benedictine churches, ib.; feeds the Dominican chapter in Holborn, ii, 366;
birth of John at ...

The History Of The Reformation Of The Church Of England

Author: Gilbert Burnet
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529. ii. 363. petition to her from the Scotch nobility against the government of their
queen regent, III. 541. ii. 369. Cecil's consideration of the question, whether it
were meet for her to help Scotland expel the French, III. 549. ii. 376. the bond of
association, III. 551. ii. 381. assists those of the reformed religion in Scotland, II.
823. 825. the conditions, 825. had a secret hand in the revolution in Scotland, III.
632. what made her jealous of the king of Scotland, ib. her declaration, justifying
the ...

Critical And Historical Essays Contributed To The Edinburgh Review

Author: Thomas Babington Macaulay
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Spain, II. 72; review of Lord Ma- bon's War of the Succession in, II. 114; her state
under Philip, 11.118; her literature during the 16th century, II. 119; her state a
century later, II. 121; effect produced on her by the Reformation, II. 125; her
disputed succession, II. 126; the Partition treaty, II. 127; conduct of the French
towards her, II. 131; how affected by the death of Charles, II. 134, et ieq.; change
in her favour, II. 138; designation of the War of the Spanish Succession, II. 156;
no conversions ...

The History Of Sir Charles Grendison Ina Series Of Letters

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Officiates at her nuptials, v. 350. Curzon, Mrs. Sir Charles Grandison's prudent
housekeeper, vi. 19, 20. 22. 27. 28. 401044. Custom, i. 362. [ ii. 157. | v. 86, 87.
See Affectation. D D. Countess dowager of, her private proposal to Mrs. Sclbyt in
favour of her Son's address to Miss Byron, i. 301 to 303. — To the young
nobleman himself, i. 305. Her character from Lady L. i. 388, 389. Visits Mrs.
Reeves and Miss Byron, i. 392. Her frank and unreserved behaviour to Miss
Byron j whose favour ...

Love S Knowledge

Author: Martha C. Nussbaum
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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We notice first and most obviously her moralism, her preoccupation with
questions of moral right and wrong, with criticism of offense, with judgment upon
vice. “Essentially all moral pressure” (II.198), as Strether describes her, she
motivates his own obsession with discipline and punishment, his determination “
always, where Lambert Strether was concerned, to know the worst” (II.69). Indeed
he is attracted to her, perhaps, just because of “his old tradition, the one he had
been brought ...

Out Of The Closet In My Mind

Author: Janet Manne
Publisher: Vocamus Community Publications
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II didn't have all the necessary funds. II was short a few thousand dollars. What
did II have to loose by not asking the bank for a loan? After all, this was simply an
investment II needed to make, and II had always thought that the purpose of
banks was to make investments. II made an appointment with the loan ocer at my
bank and told her II needed to borrow a few thousand dollars for an investment II
was making. When II arrived at the bank, she greeted me with a big smile and
ushered ...

The Works Of Sir Walter Ralegh The History Of The World

Author: Sir Walter Raleigh
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17 iceeds her, ii. 1. an efieminate prince, ib. supposed to be the Amraphel whom
Abraham overthrew, ii. 24. Ninus, the time of his government after the flood, i. 302
. the first notorious sacrificer to idols, 364. his wars, 376. forces Semiramis from
Menon her husband, 3'78. his buildings and death, 406. Nitocris, sister to
Evilmer0' dach, takes the government out of his hands, iii. 44. Noah, the many
names given him, i. 206, 207, 208. first planter of the vine, 207. not remembered
in scripture ...