High Dilution Effects Physical And Biochemical Basis

Author: Nirmal C. Sukul
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402021565
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Since the subject of high dilution effects is still a subject for debate, this volume provides evidence in support of effects from control clinical studies, clinical records from veteran physicians, controlled experiments on animals and ...

Science Culture

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4 N.C. Sukul, A. Sukul, High dilution effects : physical and biochemical basis.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2004. 5 M. Moller and A. Denicola,
BAMBED 30, 175-178. 2002. 6 J.R. Brown and P. Shockley : Serum albumins :
Structure ...

Ultra High Dilution

Author: P.C. Endler
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792326762
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INTRODUCTION Research on ultra-high dilutions, and the interaction of ultra-
high dilutions and living systems, has reached a ... The characteristics and effects
of UHDs seem to contradict the principles of pharmacology. ... Today,
homoeopathy, as a science, may be placed somewhere between the sciences of
biochemistry, biophysics, and physiology. ... solvent - (B), the physiological basis
of the sensitivity of living systems towards UHDs (C) and the mechanism of the
interaction of ...

American Book Publishing Record

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Biochemical markers. 4. .... Lee, Roberta A. SUKUL, Nirmal C. 615.5'32 High
dilution effects: physical and biochemical basis ... S85 2004] 22 2004- 048499
ISBN 1-4020-2155-0 83.00 I. Homeopathy — Attenuations, dilutions. and
potencies. 2.

Principles Of Physical Biochemistry

Author: Kensal Edward Van Holde
ISBN: 9780137204595
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Hie radial dilution effect can be explained physically on the grounds that the flow
out of any lamina in the plateau region ... Thus, an analysis of the sedimentation
process on a rigorous thermodynamic basis provides us with a much more exact
... As sedimentation of this high-molecular-weight protein proceeds, the
concentration (absorbance) in the plateau region steadily decreases, following
Eq. 14.45.

Cell Calcium

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Heilbrunn attempted to test his hypothesis by studying the effect of calcium on
isolated protoplasm (19), or its effect when injected into the cell (18, 20). ... even
in rather high dilution, causes immediate and pronounced shortening of frog
muscle", and that "this effect is not shared by any ... Secondly, the biochemical
basis of the "cell cortex" and physical changes in the "protoplasm" were not

Biochemical Basis Of Pediatric Disease

Author: Steven J. Soldin
Publisher: Amer Assn for Clinical Chemistry
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Physical restraint may cause increased muscle enzyme activity." • Sample
collection proximal to the site of an intravenous infusion (“drip-arm sample”) will
result in dilution of the blood with the constituents of the infusion and can result in
, for example, low sodium, high glucose, high potassium. Ideally ... (See Chapter
1 for the effects of hemolysis and other analytical interferents, notably sample
lipemia, in patients receiving fat emulsion preparations, and icterus, common in
neonates.) ...

Physical Chemical And Biological Characteristics Of Conewago Lake Drainage Basin York County Pennsylvania

Author: Arthur N. Ott
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Conversely, the period of longer residence time (June-November) having little or
no exchange and high evapotranspiration, is a ... The percentage composition (
on an equivalent weight basis) of the four major cations are similar for the inflow
and ... The vertical differences observed during periods of stratification are
attributed to variation in biochemical activity, and ... The dilution effect is, of
course, influenced by the volume of water entering the lake and by withdrawal
from either the ...

Report Rothamsted Experimental Station

Author: Rothamsted Experimental Station
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The manner in which different-sized particles act, therefore, depends on their
physical properties, especially solubility in fats, which may itself depend on ... (2)
Effect of surface active agents on the action of contact insecticides. ...
Biochemical Previous work has shown that esterases other than choline-
esterase were inhibited in high dilution by the ... This would provide a
biochemical basis for specificity.

Canadian Journal Of Biochemistry

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Clearly, if confidence is to be placed in observed chemical and physical
differences of mucins between individual ... Human mucin, which gave variable
associated Schlieren peaks at high concentration, was reduced with dilution to a
single rapidly ... In rat mucin the same transition might be more gradual because
of its relative insensitivity to concentration effects. ... The differences have been
documented to provide a basis for future assessment of mucins isolated from
patients with ...