High Dilution Effects Physical And Biochemical Basis

Author: Nirmal C. Sukul
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402021565
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Since the subject of high dilution effects is still a subject for debate, this volume provides evidence in support of effects from control clinical studies, clinical records from veteran physicians, controlled experiments on animals and ...

Science Culture

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4 N.C. Sukul, A. Sukul, High dilution effects : physical and biochemical basis.
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Hornemonn and ...

The Journal Of Alternative And Complementary Medicine

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7. Banwell CN, McCash C. Fundamentals of molecular spectroscopy, 4th ed. Tata
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American Book Publishing Record

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... 615.5 principles for practice / [edited by] Benjamin Kligler and Roberta Lee. 1st
ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, Medical Pub. Div., c2004. xxiii. 936 p.: ill.; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index. [R733.I5756 2004] 21 2003-
052719 ISBN 0-07- 140239-X 59.95 1. Integrative medicine. 2. Delivery of Health
Care, Integrated. 3. Complementary Therapies. I. Kligler, Benjamin. II. Lee,
Roberta A. SUKUL, Nirmal C. 615.5'32 High dilution effects: physical and
biochemical basis ...

Ultra High Dilution

Author: P.C. Endler
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792326762
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INTRODUCTION Research on ultra-high dilutions, and the interaction of ultra-
high dilutions and living systems, has reached a level of quality and popularity
that it is about to be taken seriously by current orthodox sciences. ... long term
information storage in UHDs - i.e. of molecule-specific information in the solvent -
(B), the physiological basis of the sensitivity of living systems towards UHDs (C)
and the mechanism of the interaction of the UHD and the organism, including the
effects in ...


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... based on the electron phase transitions of water and lipid membranes, which
are simultaneously the mechanism of the universal reception of weak physical
influences on the protoplasm including homeopathic and magnetic fields. In
medical practice (homeopathy) and agriculture the influence of extremely high
dilutions of different substances on the state of living organisms has been
demonstrated [1, 2]. Pronounced effects of such dilutions in cellular and
biochemical systems have ...

Principles Of Physical Biochemistry

Author: Kensal Edward Van Holde
ISBN: 9780137204595
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Hie radial dilution effect can be explained physically on the grounds that the flow
out of any lamina in the plateau region is greater than the flow in, since both
cross-sectional areas and the field increase with r. Thus, an analysis of the
sedimentation process on a rigorous thermodynamic basis provides us with a
much more exact picture of what happens in an ultracen- trifuge cell. The
approach we have taken will also lead to a fuller understanding of the state of
sedimentation ...

Cell Calcium

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One paper, published in 1947 with a student, Floyd wiercinski, showed that "
calcium, even in rather high dilution, causes immediate and pronounced
shortening of frog muscle", and that "this effect is not shared by any one of the
other cations normally present in any quantity in muscle" i.e. K', Na* and Mg2*. "
The results lend support to the ... Secondly, the biochemical basis of the "cell
cortex" and physical changes in the "protoplasm" were not understood. Thirdly,
the literature had been ...

Biochemical Basis Of Pediatric Disease

Author: Steven J. Soldin
Publisher: Amer Assn for Clinical Chemistry
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Physical restraint may cause increased muscle enzyme activity." • Sample
collection proximal to the site of an intravenous infusion (“drip-arm sample”) will
result in dilution of the blood with the constituents of the infusion and can result in
, for example, low sodium, high glucose, high potassium. Ideally ... (See Chapter
1 for the effects of hemolysis and other analytical interferents, notably sample
lipemia, in patients receiving fat emulsion preparations, and icterus, common in
neonates.) ...