American Patriot

Author: Robert Coram
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0316007595
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The Life and Wars of Colonel Bud Day Robert Coram ... IT is a safe
generalization to say most national media either do not understand military
issues or do not think those issues are relevant, interesting, or newsworthy. ... As
the sordid tale ofBillClinton, Paula Jones, and Monica Lewinsky became the top
news storyin America, andas everything Bud Daydidon behalfof severalmillion
retirees wasignored, BudDay became incensed: this notonlywas an affirmation to
him of how Clinton ...

Grand Theft Pentagon

Author: Jeffrey St. Clair
Publisher: Common Courage Pr
ISBN: 9781567513363
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One reporter for a national network trembled on camera that the US army
functioned as "our protectors." The late David Bloom of NBC confessed on the air
that he was willing to do "anything and everything they can ask of us." When the
Pentagon needed a heroic story, the press obliged. Jessica Lynch became the
war's first instant celebrity. Here was a neo-gothic tale of a steely young woman
wounded in a fierce battled, captured and tortured by ruthless enemies and
dramatically ...

The Audacity Of Hype

Author: Armando Iannucci
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748114777
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Restricted and controlled media access distanced us from the reality of the first
war, while the impression that we had uncontrolled and continuous media
coverage of the second war focused on the immediacy of the moment and
discoloured analysis of the war 's effects and causes. Baudrillard was talking
about the anaesthetising effects of broadcast news; real conflict in 1991 was
turned to animated computer game, encouraged by Pentagon briefings that
focused on graphically ...