Chemistry Of Zeolites And Related Porous Materials

Author: Ruren Xu
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When the HNO3 treatment method is used, the effect is even worse; not only
does the unit cell contain 1/3 EFAL that cannot be removed, but also the existent
states of the EFAL species are complicated (possibly there are amorphous
materials). These results provide information for further improvement of high-
temperature hydrothermal-chemical dealumination combination. Table 6.9
Dealumination reaction results of hydrothermally treated (923 K) USY with EDTA
of various leaching ...

Zeolites Science And Technology

Author: Fernando Ramôa Ribeiro
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Inclusion Chemistry With Zeolites Nanoscale Materials By Design

Author: Norman Herron
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Introduction To Zeolite Science And Practice

Author: P.A. Jacobs
Publisher: Elsevier
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Zeolites In Industrial Separation And Catalysis

Author: Santi Kulprathipanja
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From Zeolites To Porous Mof Materials The 40th Anniversary Of International Zeolite Conference 2 Vol Set

Author: Ruren Xu
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His work on zeolite minerals during the early 1940's clearly demonstrated the
potential for zeolite applications in gas separations and catalysis and possible
industrial uses, laying the groundwork for much of his future research activities.
This early work set the stage for a long series of papers prefixed “Hydrothermal
chemistry of silicates”. The availability of funding from the Agricultural Research
Council in the 1950's allowed him to diversify his research program into the study
of clays.

Handbook Of Hydrothermal Technology

Author: K. Byrappa
Publisher: William Andrew
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Nanotechnologie Und Nanoprozesse

Author: Wolfgang Fahrner
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662489082
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Zeolite Chemistry And Catalysis

Author: L. Kubelková
Publisher: Elsevier
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