The Essential Kevin Hunter Collection

Author: Kevin Hunter
Publisher: Warrior of Light Press
ISBN: 0692700072
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Take regular time outs than necessary, and relax and smile more. Shun going to
places where you know it is going to be taxing on your system. Go for walks
alone (or with a love interest) and daydream. Do this in a nature setting if
possible. Daydream about beautiful, wonderful circumstances and feelings. Think
about the amazing blessings you currently have, and then daydream about what
you would like to see manifest next in your life. If your life is where you want it,
then daydream ...

Day Day S Dream

Author: Doris Tanner Ross
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1481707019
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More. than. Just. Water. for. Our. Stepdad. All my mother's brothers' family
members were also farmers. When I was maybe ten years old, my uncles would
pay my sisters and me money for babysitting their children on a pallet under a
shade tree while their wives worked out in the fields. We made just enough to get
ourselves a permanent hair wave—one a year. We babysat the whole summer.
We would take big jugs of water from the well at our house to the field and bury
them in a ...


Author: Orrin Devinsky, MD
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
ISBN: 9781934559918
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We all daydream, and children daydream more than adults. Daydreaming in
children can be easily confused with absence or complex partial seizures, in
which staring is a prominent feature. However, lip smacking, eye blinking,
grimacing, or stiffening of muscle groups is common during seizures but not
during daydreaming. Daydreaming can be stopped by calling the child's name,
producing a startling noise, tickling, saying “Look at the kitty” or “fire truck,” or
shutting off the TV.

Out Of The Daydream

Author: Kathleen M. McGinley
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1453518762
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There weren't many foreigners in our area because of the White Australian Policy
that barred any Asians or darker races coming into the country for more than six
months at a time but during the Second World War, Frank Bate's wood yard
employed under hard labour, Italian prisoners of war who were watched over by
an Australian soldier with a .303 rifle. They had to load and unload trucks of
timber and cut it up on a bandsaw that made a singing Out Of the DayDream 105
sound as it ...

The Secret Daydream For College Students

Author: Charisse J. Rudolph
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1614483965
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This is probably one of the most important social skills you need to know. Your
siblings will try to walk all over you, take your stuff, or wear your clothes. Your
roommates will eat your food or use your things without asking. Friends will tell
you they are OK to drive when they have only had one beer. People you date will
want more than you want to give. Bosses will try to get more time from you or ask
for things not in the job description. My son was hired for a job, and he
specifically said ...

A Mid Summer S Daydream

Author: G.B. Absher
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477149953
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The residence at 440 Western was an absolute beat—up, old jalopy of a house.
The property owner was a middle—aged hippie who invested the majority of his
monthly take from rent on riding the doldrum rollercoaster of medium—to low-risk
stocks and equity groups. It wouldn't be overly presumptuous in the slightest to
think that he gave little more than a damn about that place or its general upkeep.
As I was moving my bed into my tiny room under the staircase, an immediate awe
of ...

Global Chorus

Author: Todd MacLean
Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd
ISBN: 1771600349
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In fact, I believe passionately that the sooner we admit it, the better we'll be able
to fight for a healthy environment in the future. All too often, the idea of “saving the
environment” means saving some idea of perfect, unspoiled Nature. But that's
little more than a daydream at this point. And I don't think we should spend this
moment of crisis daydreaming. Instead, we have to embrace the fact that we find
ourselves in a very imperfect, transformed world. This doesn't mean throwing up
our ...

Daydream Believer

Author: Mike Burke
Publisher: Highland Books
ISBN: 1909690864
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It's good to see you again.” Bridget ushered me into her kitchen. She had been
baking and invited me to help out by carrying the tray loaded up with cafetiere
and her latest home made date and walnut cake into the living room. Bridget was
capable of dispensing huge amounts of love, sympathy and understanding, but
she also recognised that the people were capable of helping themselves and
assisting with a simple household task, demonstrating they were more than
simply victims.

Daydream Believers

Author: Fred Kaplan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470121181
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In WWII, when the average ''dumb bomb'' missed its target by more than a half-
mile, a B-17 had to drop 9,000 of them to score a direct hit. In Korea and Vietnam,
when primitive guided bombs first entered the arsenal, an F-104 or F-105 still had
to drop 176 bombs to hit a single specific target. In Desert Storm, the official name
for the first war against Iraq, Warden predicted that an F-16 would have to drop a
mere 30 bombs—and that the brand-new F-117 Stealth fighter-bomber would ...

Nothing To Admire

Author: Christopher Yu
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198035343
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He saves himself, of course, but potentially those as well in his family or
community who are even weaker and more defenseless than he, those for whom
he keeps the home fires stoked. What is debased about "the little Mickey" is his
fantasy life; it seems clear that his secret wish of playing David to the ogre's
Goliath will never amount to anything more than a daydream. Yet the evil that
demands the reader's indictment does not reside so much in the average man's
weakness as in the ...